Saturday, August 27, 2011

Celebrating already??

I would not celebrate today. Its not Anna's personal victory and neither its yours. Its still not a common man's vicotry YET. Setting up Lokayuktas and passing a Lokpal bill are the steps taken and resolutions to follow. And as critics say its neither the dark day in Indian Democracy. We are at a brink now, this bill could be passed as all it promised and could serve the people. Or else with a simple 'loophole' could be made worse by allowing corrupt politicians to head the commitees.

But we cannot hasten the process, everyone knows a parliamentary proceeding could take its time. But it should not be delayed that we get used to it. Lets say the Lokpal bill is passed and all the corrupt politicians start getting exposed 'literally'. Then what?? I hope people dont think lokpal bill is about bringing those black money invested in tax haven nation back to our country, It is not about sending all the corrupt ministers and officials to jails. Lokpal bill is not only that. It should be also about what the common man does next?

Next time a government official asks for money under the desk, be brave and show him the middle finger. Next time please dont underquote your land and pay the money in Black money. For years we have been doing that and now its haunting us in a bad manner as the Ghosts of of Inflation. These are just examples, corruption is still amass amongst us. It starts from the mini to macro levels in our government machinery. Be brave to handle these scums and it would happen down the lane. Its not easy as it sounds but if we can come upto this we surely can beat the odds.

Jai Hind!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Anna'tural ways in Democracy

Hunger strikes have been happening in our country for long long time. I have seen it in palakkad municipality office to begin with. So why is Anna hazare's fast become a picture of center storm altogether? Blame it on the media, they have hijacked the event for their TRP. If Lokpal passes or not. Anna is successful or not. Media got its big share with 24*7 Anna show. Forget the media lets come to the need of the society.

Right now the 1949 Ambedkar proposed constitution is simple. You elect a candidate, he goes to the assembly or parliament and works for the benefit of his people and country. He will be assisted by government bodies which will have the cream of indian populii constituting the IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS etc etc. Ambedkar was no Nostradamus to foresee that these elected ministers will taint their souls and get corrupted to the core. Constitution has no pages written for handling the hideous earnings of a public official. And worst case here being it gives no power to us (forgot the common man from where it all began). People opposing lokpal bill say ' you should not have voted for them if you think they are corrupt'. We bring down UPA, the NDA comes to power with a different flavor of corruption. So what do we do wait for another 5 years???

Democracy is more of a 'fashion statement' in my country than its used in real life. Why do we need a democracy, when elected representative change their stand on Nuclear bill for bundles of notes? Why does the tata's, ambani's, jindal's, reddy's and others always get the major share of business opportunities. Why is that Karunanidhi, Yedurappa, Kumarasaamy, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Amar singh and others keep getting richer and richer every year. Why does that a case put in judiciary take more than 4-5 years to see light and that too after several commissions and benches. By the way one point of action in Lokpal bill is its response time. Every grievance is mapped with a response time. PV Narasimhamurthy our multilingual PM was left unscathed after all the allegations and proofs against him. And there are many more against whom CBI has all the necessary proof but no course of action is possible with an age old constitution. Why??

Arudhati Roy comes up with an article to express her views in a bold manner. With tongue a cheek allegations on origin and timing of IAC. It is as equivalent to ME saying the maoist are nothing but a armed group of terrorists in India dictated by China. Anyone can allege, accuse and try ridcule the sanctity in other's cause. mz.Roy would have been happier to take the baton from a poor battered villager or tribesmen fighting for their lives than the metro 'well off' crowd in picture. Isn't that a shade of superficial inferiority complex? A hunger strike is a last resort and a peaceful way of turning in the attention. Unfortunately the media has misused the movement and has lavishly showered it with lot of unnecessary screen time.

If you envision current democracy as a cricket match. The common man is the tired bowler bowling on a flat deck against a batsman who are our leaders. And mind you they are the umpire too here mending the laws to be abided in the game. You gotta give something to the common man to clinch upon and fight against the demons in society. Until then all our ministers will continue to be sinisters.

Anna hazare is just a harbinger in this struggle. Dont get deviated by the noises that distract you. No one can shove a law , ideology or philosophy into your head. Think before you leap but make sure you educate yourself about the current spate of the society and act.