Saturday, August 27, 2011

Celebrating already??

I would not celebrate today. Its not Anna's personal victory and neither its yours. Its still not a common man's vicotry YET. Setting up Lokayuktas and passing a Lokpal bill are the steps taken and resolutions to follow. And as critics say its neither the dark day in Indian Democracy. We are at a brink now, this bill could be passed as all it promised and could serve the people. Or else with a simple 'loophole' could be made worse by allowing corrupt politicians to head the commitees.

But we cannot hasten the process, everyone knows a parliamentary proceeding could take its time. But it should not be delayed that we get used to it. Lets say the Lokpal bill is passed and all the corrupt politicians start getting exposed 'literally'. Then what?? I hope people dont think lokpal bill is about bringing those black money invested in tax haven nation back to our country, It is not about sending all the corrupt ministers and officials to jails. Lokpal bill is not only that. It should be also about what the common man does next?

Next time a government official asks for money under the desk, be brave and show him the middle finger. Next time please dont underquote your land and pay the money in Black money. For years we have been doing that and now its haunting us in a bad manner as the Ghosts of of Inflation. These are just examples, corruption is still amass amongst us. It starts from the mini to macro levels in our government machinery. Be brave to handle these scums and it would happen down the lane. Its not easy as it sounds but if we can come upto this we surely can beat the odds.

Jai Hind!!

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