Sunday, September 18, 2011

La Tomatina, hypocrisy at its best

A facebook status of my friend read something like this 'Ban La Tomatina'. And the reason to ban he backs is those millions of malnourished children in India who cant make their ends meet. Well thats a good dimension to look into world matters. In a country like ours its a crime to waste food, and to waste food in such magnitude. But then half the facebook crowd is from IT industry in India. They must have seen or very well aware of the humongous amount of food that is being wasted in our cafeterias. The bangalore office where I worked had a chart maintained by the respective department depicting the amount of food that is being wasted on a daily basis. Some numbers in it could break Sachin Tendulkar's batting records. If banning 'La Tomatina' is a starter, well we should get into the main course as well. Implement ideas or plans to cut down the wastage of food or to make use of this food in any better way.

Then if we are so concerned about the malnourished kids in the society, did the unused tomatoes from 'La Tomatino' ever reach those kids. 'Who the fuck cares??' isn't it? Once in a blue moon a person(me, you & many others) visits an Anathaashram or opens his wallet for a 'charity' sort of event. And thats it!!! Our inidividual need for social service and thirst for 'giving back to the society' ends there. If any one of these fb'ian thinks he\she has achieved a feat by banning such festivals. Well then 'I am stunned' to say the least. Thats the best example of our hypocrytic best, the moment a hazy picture of malnourishment, poverty and many such cliched statements occur in media or a social network. We pour our emotions and opinions but when action is called for its still firing blanks.

Food wastage of any magnitude is a crime and we can make a difference starting with us. From tomorrow you make a resolution to cook what is necessary, order what is necessary and eat whatever is on your plate. A big percentage of our problems like food shortage and inflating prices of food can be eradicated. Dont you think?? I am no saint or harbinger to lead you the right path but if there is ever a question of personal satisfaction then well my writeup can add some fuel to it. Each of you are brilliant enough to find a way out of this misery. So Go figure and kill the food wastage however you can!!

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