Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Springtime for Malayalam Industry

My friend once told me you Mallu guys make movies which no one understands. One dark evening you place your camera in front of the sea and call it an Art movie. Yes thats what many in India think about our movies. All dark and stuck in a time machine sort of. These days I happen to see quite a change in malayalam movies. Youngsters have started to pitch in and pitch in for real. These are the days when our so called Superstars are lost and groping in darkness. Mammootty prefers to be a mimicry star trying his luck on all the local slangs spoken in kerala. Where as Mohanlal prefers to essay the role given to him without any thought or effort on script and his million fans. Then there are a few late bloomers and occassional hits from other noticeable actors but most of them based on some situational comedies or sarcastic and dry lookups. Audiences preferred Tamil or a dubbed telugu movie atleast for the sake of spending time in a theatre once a while.

But seems like things have changed and i hope I wont jinx it in any way. A few movies like 'Urumi,'Salt N Pepper', 'Chaappa Kurissu', 'City of God', 'Traffic', 'Cocktail' have been a revelation to say the least. Its not only the new themes that have started to appear, but the quality of picturization and narration have improved simultaneously. Gone are the days when an actor narrates a paragraphic dialogue to the villain or side-heroes just to dance in the movie (as the hero prefers to sit and watch them). Though there is a budgeting restraint to our movies, the multiplexes, channels and malls have opened a plethora of funding attraction to the producers. Its really a spring time and may this blossom to bring out more such movies to us fans. If you haven't watched the above movies i have mentioned, make sure you add them to your bucket list. :)

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