Friday, October 21, 2011

Lessons still UNlearnt

Nirmal Madhav saga has been resolved. Here is a link that conveys this information. So it is understood that he is been moved to 'Thrissur Desamangalam Engineering College'. And so SFI has made its point to not let him study in 'Government Engineering College, WestHill Calicut'. SFI defended their action by holding on to their reins that he is ranked 'much lower' than deserving candidate. But they blatantly forget that just for this issue the college has been closed for 3 months. What about the 'deserving students' in the college who were sitting in the sidelines for all this time? And also the seat which Nirmal occupied is still empty and is of no use to anyone, its just simply LOST. Nirmal Madhav allegedly had paid 'bribes' to some senior SFI leaders to get it all resolved smoothly. What happened to those guys?? If its a lie SFI should show guts to bring the truth to the public.

All this bruhaha for just getting him transferred?? Any influential guys in Communist party could have done this with a wink of their eye. What about the classes lost for other students?? Will SFI take initiative to cover their lost classes? If i ask this; any damn SFI leader will come up with silly explanations of 'need of the society' or 'truth for a bigger cause'. But you know what? When my cousin was the bigshot SFI leader in early 90's SFI was still doing the same. Mass outbreak and noise basically for no reason or silly reasons. SFI is a group of rebellistic people with no sustained objectives. Its like a missile with no guidance, though targeted most of the time it falls on its own head (maybe thats why they are the student party with maximum number of rakthasakshi's). And these young rebels educate themselves to goons for DYFI and then a very few progress themselves to some senior posts in the party. That my friends is the organization chart of the Left Democratic Front. The more police cases accelerated is his growth. Top to Bottom an organization filled with so called 'democratic rebels'.

Younger generation in Kerala needs to think twice before they enter into dirt politics and manipulation. The only winners in this whole saga is the man of the moment Nirmal himself. He got the public attention to become 'probably' a KSU leader. He got himself a college seat with no torture or ragging from SFI counterparts. Rest everybody is a sore loser. And the worst losers are the 'boys' who represent this silly students party.

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Monalisa said...

Nice post. But did you forget the funniest part? This guy Nirmal Madhav (a 0 person I would call, on his current status) is so famous with no attempts on his part. What a fuss! And silly Media! And yes, he has a potential for a KSU leader. Mad Politics!

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