Monday, October 17, 2011

SFI : Flower that Blooms every 5 years in Kerala

Borrowed from a news article from Deccan Chronicle
“There is no precedence where a student admitted to self financing college is transferred to government engineering college,” said the SFI state president, Mr K.V.Sumesh.Nirmal’s rank was as low as 22,787, while the last rank admitted to Government Engineering College, Kozhikode, was 1,316, he said.

This is the Nirmal Madhav Saga for which SFI has started a state wide agitation and vandalism on streets of Kerala. A rat like issue has been turned in to a hill by the comrades to garner attention and to notify their presence in the new regime under UDF. For 5 years SFI was in hibernate mode by choice or forcefully under their leadership goons. Does that make us believe that last 5 years kerala education system was under heaven's rule? Or they still are the same 'tiny little students' who are yet to grow balls to stand up and make their voices heard even in their own party circles.

When a student leader prolifically specifies the number game of rank, lemme ask him about the thousands of upper caste students who are from a very poor condition feel about their chances to get into a professional course. SC\ ST\ Ezhava\ SEBC\ Backward Christian\ Backward Muslim\ Regional and what not to add on top Management quota. When will a bright student under general category ever get into a college legally?? Does your party has the dick to stand up for them?? I can pinpoint atleast a few 100 souls who have lost their seat to a richer backward caste student. A poor Nair, Nambiar, Catholic or Varier boy\girl who can't make his ends meet is left astray in the mercy of those below him in ranking.

But no way SFI can own up that as an issue. Because the party heads will lose their sleep over their vote bank. The same party which gleefully distributed land to bring up a social equality in the state must think in same lines to bring a equal education opportunity based on the annual family income. Can they roll up their sleeves and own up that? Diplomatically the answer is a big NO, well then 'damn you' and your 'Nirmal Madhav Saga' as many of us really dont care for SFI as a student organization . A mere energizer bunny will do the same job and may be with a better precision.

SFI as a student organization is a sarcastic joke for many of us who studied in 'gods own country'. Guys who fear to donate blood in hospital are first in queue to get hit by lathi charge and proclaim themselves as 'martyrs'. Police force which is setup to defend the sovereignty of the state is brutally pelted with stones and petrol bombs. With no regard to fellow human life they throw wild agitation on to the poor policemen. When its time for the policeman to bounce back (in most cases for self defense), they take the role of a 'victim' and throw tantrums suiting a drama queen.

A few of my good friends and relatives were once part of this student organization and hearing from them what I understand is that 'most of them dont care about the real issue or the cause, all the care is a few slogans being yelled out and a bit of heroic adventure ( a tussle with opposite party member or a confrontation with the poorly equipped state police). Some think they are 'Che' themselves and some do it because they have been told from childhood that party has done a lot for them.'

A revolutionary or a radical is not a birth right its a choice one makes to stand up and unite against a suppression. Once Edmund Burke quoted about revolution 'The most important of all revolutions, a revolution in sentiments, manners and moral opinions.' I guess SFI are way behind in this game.


jojyva said...

Very well written.

Monalisa said...

I've seen that movie "Amrutham" which I'm reminded of every time I see such mishaps in our campuses. Most times it amazes me how willing they are to die, but rarely think for what, in the interest of who, rather. Most times the party leaders would themselves be planning for such shooting simply in the interest of the greater party. All a game, where individuals lose.

Best wishes Sabarish.

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Kollam shabbu's

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