Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Abominable Water Divide

Guys please refrain from sending hate messages about Thamizhan or Malayalee. There are 40 lakh people in Kerala afraid of a 100 odd year old dam thats causing tremors every other day. But at the same time there are 40 lakh people in Tamilnadu sustaining on every drop of water from this dam. If the dam breaks even Tamilnadu could face a famine. The solution will be to provide water as currently its happening. Today technologies have gone far ahead and there should be a solution to feed water from the proposed new and safer dam. Abstinence and some levels of mis-communication is causing a big divide and rift among two emotionally vibrant states. Government policy making and decisioning could take longer time but that doesnt give any 'Indian' to say names and spray anger at each other. For ages people of these 2 states have been walking hand in hand and it must continue to do so. People in Tamilnadu are unaware of the number of earthquakes that have happened in last few months. The blogs and videos from Tamilnadu doesnt mention about the consistent behaviour of these tremors which are directly linked to the rains in these areas and the level of water in the dam. Similarly no blogs and videos from Kerala shows the 5 year long strengthening efforts on the dam made of iron and concrete on top of the old structure. This shows the lack of right education and a void in sending the right message across. Even with a lower water level of 120ft can send ample amount of water to Tamilnadu. If that is insufficient water needs to be pumped or sent via channels till a formidable solution is made. Such simple solutions work in Siruvani dam and we could extend it here as well.

For every point each side puts forward there is an counter argument, but any of which doesn't help the cause for the lives of 80 lakh people spread across these 9 districts. People need to be evacuated to safer zones, New dam to be constructed with assurance of water serving capability as it is now. Spreading hatred is easy and fun up to an extent. But if it gets out of hand it could end up in a much deeper malice than we could ever expect. Lets be united and bringforth an amicable solution to this. There is no Malayalee or Thamizhan when it is the matter of life and death. Hopefully commonsense will prevail.


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Monalisa said...

This is a different part of the story not many people would have thought of. This water divide of two states and people. But how truly is it breeding anger between the PEOPLE of the two states? To a very great extend indeed, the obliviousness the TN CM shows to the terror that the tremors cause in the minds of a people, ain't welcome at all. But this is certainly not making enemies of the two people. Mullapperiayaar can't be an abominable divide, but a generous gift from a neighbor to the other (Only this generosity is far too outstretched on one part, and the other would feel we're thankful and not let any disaster happen). When this said, if it were to breed hatred among the 'people' at any point of time, then surely it'll be a whole different story.

Lord not let any disaster break out in this land.

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