Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nature Lovers

On the highway exit there is a small bush where we have spotted a deer couple stranded in the nights. Standing tall with utmost elegance i slowed down my car to have a glimpse of it every other time. They freezed when bright car lights approached them at 60 mph in a 30 mph zone.On rainy days i slow down to make sure no harm is made for both of us. 2 weeks back i found one of them lying on the road side crushed by a heavy vehicle. It was a horrondous scene with all his inner organs turned inside out scattered on the road side bushes. After a few days I saw the other lonely deer stranded at the same spot. Unfazed by the car honks and bright light it stood its ground. Looked more like a stand of statement and intent to show her courage. Maybe she was searching her dear one, unaware that he has been crumbled in an accident. Maybe she knows about her dear one and wants us human beings to stay out of her territory. I stopped my car and waited till she crossed the road. As i went home the thought about that poor deer kept lingering my mind that night.But next day again i went through the same road, more due to my practised brain than a thoughtful action. And aghast i was to see another deer mashed up by some automobile. I personally do not know if it was the same deer, but almost very sure its the same heroic deer.

Every other day I see a lot of deers decapitated, mashed, crushed and crumbled by our vehicles on road sides. In our views its basically no body's fault. At 70mph its very little we can do maneuvering our vehicles. But thinking about these wild creatures and the bad deal they are getting from us human being. Its one kinda glorious cruelty we human beings indulge in for our survival. We enclosed the nature to our benefits and now we are marauding them at our will. May god show some mercy on our souls.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A 'wannabe' SILK

If anybody thinks 'The Dirty Picture' is an adaptation of Silk Smitha's life, well you are one amongst many who have been intelligently fooled by Milan Luthria, Ekta Kapoor and the media. A few incidents from Silk's life have been hand picked and scattered in a rather sarcastic manner to glorify silk's life. And come on give me a break for casting Vidya Balan to enact Silk on screen. I agree they might share the same sized assets but silk was more about those lazy eyes, expressive lips and easeful dancing (...and many more but can't divulge those in a blog).
As young boys the very word 'Silk' would make us sweat and heart beats at a higher pitch, such was her effect on our puberty. And here comes Vidya Balan with all voluptiousness but with sincerely no after effects. Some say Vidya can express any kind of emotions on screen but now she proves definitely not a 'VAMP'. Its something in built to make men ogle with mouth wide open, a few have it and a few dont.To put it in the right sense had Vidya been Silk in the 80's south India would have had more 'preferably gay' guys. Silk is not only 'bust and bossom' she had an excellent screen presence too. Sad that her on screen adaptation was more of joke and less of silk.

The movie basically has no grip what so ever to keep the audience enthused with a very weak plot. But there is a silver lining and the highlight of the movie are those double edged dialogues. Vidya furnishes those dirt filled timely dialogues with utmost ease. Do you know that there is a 'shakeela' in the movie?? But not the Shakeela we south Indians know but someone more like the shakeela from primary school. Milan Luthria missed out to depict what Silk meant to people other than her steamy erotic scenes. She would pick up a few comic roles which would suit her sexy outlook and some challenging roles too.

Above all Silk was an excellent dancer too and would easily keep up with most of the top dancing stars of the 80's. Vidya is an average dancer and thankfully that portion of silk's life was not reimaged. And talking about the heroes in the movie. Well there aren't any heroes, though there are a few male-co-actors who just want to sleep with Vidya (in the movie). Names of these male co-actors have no imagination what so ever and depicts the typical North Indian attitude towards a fellow 'madrasi'. (Suryakant, Ramakant (obvisouly brothers), Abraham, SelvaGanesh are the few names of the characters)

Having said this, kudos to Vidya for trying out something entirely new which doesn't suit her in any manner and is out of her comfort zone. The movie is nothing but an Ad for push up bra and how men are forced to ogle at them for 2 hours with no shame. Yeah i was one amongst them, but had it been the real Silk 'tho mazaa aa jaatha'!! You could watch the movie for Vidya but please dont watch it if you think its 'Life History of Silk Smitha' its just a failed adaptation. Before i close off my personal pick would have been Bipasha as Silk for those 'wide eyes' and much more. I am sure Silk would have been proud of it.