Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mind of a married man...

She asked "What happened dear?? Why do you look so gloomy?"
He replied "Hmm Nothing.."
With a pause and deep breath she continued "I am sorry, i didn't mean what I said. It something else I wanted to say..."
He interrupted "Err.. What?? What did you say?"
She continued " Lemme finish!! I am sure you were not happy the way my Christmas cake turned out to be. Its just that I am not used to this new oven and have been trying some thing new."
He consoled her "Its not that dear, just nothing forget it."
She was distraught and had a pale look on her face "You know sometimes I dont get you, i have no idea what you say and behave like. Am i missing something?"
He looked at her a while and replied "Its a guys thing dear, nothing of your fault. Its just those inexplicable things in a guys life."
She looked at him in a puzzled manner "C'mon you can tell me anything. I'll try to help you out. Thats what wives are meant for"
Before she could break into tears she managed a giggle and continued "you are not having an affair..are you??"
He replied back "C'mon honey now dont be silly"
"Then what is is it..tell me" She insisted.
"Ok..Ok..I'll tell you" He said.
Like an anxious 4 year old listening to her grandmothers stories she prepared herself looking straight at his face and said "Yea tell me I am all ears"
Fixing his throat he said "Liverpool 1 - Blackburn 1. Damn these guys cannot even win matches against team from bottom of the league. The 35 million pound beanpole Andy Carroll he doesnt even know where the goalpost is?? And what the F are downing and henderson doing dilly-dallying in the wings?? How many more matches do we have to wait to see us Liverpool clinically finishing off these small teams."
"And you what that means, this means we are still stuck in 6th spot in the league" He continues in the same breath "DAMN!! these guys have no feelings to the pressure I am going trough."
Amazed by her husband's foolishness she looked at his face and asked "Thats it??"
"Hmmm" he nodded.
Patting on his back she walks into the kitchen biting her teeth in frustration. Well what more can she do??


സഹോധരന്‍ said...

Kidu post aliya... Supperrr....

Soorya said...

Hehe, good one :)

Dinesh Dileep Gaurav said...

:):) I suppose this are connected to real life incidents!!

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