Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Hospital Musings

Smell of antiseptics lingers in the air. A sedated patient lies on his hospital bed unaware of the Melodrama surrounding him. Anxious relatives and friends pounce upon every doctor or nurse coming out of the ward. The environment is a mix of optimism and loud cries. One family and it's sorrow is contagious to other in a horrific manner. Happy families are the ones relieved from the tensions inside a hospital and for an unknown reason you tend to be happy for them. Senior doctors maintain a poker face to every query and every concern. They prefer not to be the merchant of false hopes. Meanwhile people curse bad times, bad vaasthu, bad procedures and many more bad bad stuffs surrounding a hospital. A doctor could be your godsend angel or a Satan himself depending on the outcome with a particular life. Such is the vulnerability that I have started pitying a doctors profession. Hospital management tend to be ruthless as they prefer running a business rather to a divine institution. There is a story everyone has to share about how they ended up here, there is a hidden pain and sadness to their loved ones plight. Still now the sedated patient is unaware of the traumas shared by his loved ones. He is blank right now gazing with his mouth wide open and a rustling ventilator by his side. Tubes of various kind and purpose stifling him of his freedom. Prayers and more prayers along with a sense of self belief could do wonders for him but still the sedated patient is unaware shackled inside the pain barrier. Day by day doctors and especially nurses become a part of your extended family. They are deeply concerned about each blood tests and related reports. Some take time in consoling the dear ones and impart a positive energy amongst the hapless souls. Friends from far across the land tirelessly try reaching on phones for the latest informations. Deep inside they wish that if they could be here to share the space and be some kinda help to these tethering humans.

Time in a hospital is also a time to recollect and fall back on those good memories and laughs you shared with thy patient. We understand how short a thing can bring families closer. We start believing in the saner and beautiful side of mankind. Money, fame and name all falls secondary to the love we share for each other. And that's what a hospital experience is etching in my mind as I type this. Love is the best cure my father in law could have asked for now. And he is getting it in an overwhelming manner. Ahh we humans that's why we are so special!!!

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