Friday, March 30, 2012

Mega Mega Millions....

1 in 176 million is the odd to win the Mega Million lottery ticket with latest prize amount raking up to $640 million. Would you believe it?? I don't even want to know how much that is in Rupees and invite an unimaginable headache. The way the numbers are beefing up it would soon be renamed to Mega Billion Lottery. The best thing about a lottery ticket is that every one gets a chance to participate provided you are ready to shell out $1. And the even more sweeter thing is that you get to live your wildest dreams until the results are out. You take yourself to wonderland drive for a few hours and crash land to reality. After the federal tax cut & many other taxes the booty amount is still so huge that you don't have to worry about making money for the rest of your life. But am I ready for it?? Seriously speaking I cant even imagine what i would do with that kinda shit. Maybe I can give a few cliched answers like "Travel the world" , "Charity & Help the needy" (aww so touchy-touchy) or probably "Buy a new Mega Million House". I dont know fantasies can dance wilder at this moment of time. I can own a jet and travel the whole world. I can now stop giving excuses to my debtors . I dont know may be give it to a few people i dislike and let them share the burden of a 'FREE' multi-million earned doing nothing. I can still think of another 640 million crazy ideas but its time for one serious thing I would love to do If I am a millionaire of this sort. I mean some sorta plan in my tiny brain cells to handle this mega beast. After some good ideas I stumbled down to what I always wanted to do in my life. That is to start a sports school in my home town. And it could be really extensive (and expensive) covering almost all major types of sports played in my country. Apart from my personal interest and inclination towards sports it would be the best thing I could do to my sports crazy friends as well. In India there is no dearth of talent especially in sports but most of the guys I knew didn't have the right impetus to push them higher. Maybe some free millions from a passionate sports maniac could be the right medicine.

And am not gonna let you off the hook so easily. Lemme know what would you do if you win $640 Mil in a lottery?? Play Wild mi amigos!!!

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