Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Its been 1 year

Its been a year and a few more days since India won the World Cup.
But along with the sweet world cup victory that evening many more things happened.
Its the same evening when my wife found out she made a big mistake marrying into this cricket crazy family. Swear words flying out from my mouth when Sreesanth decides to waste his god gifted talent. How silent our house turns up into when Sachin gets out. How I was doing a 'Dhoni' yelling out about field placements. How I didnt go to the 'loo' the whole time Gambhir was batting, superstitions can run wild when its a matter of cricket at stake. Father and son whistling, howling and dancing like mad men inside the house at each boundary. Dad and me were cheering for each and every runs scored. The decibels of yelling when Dhoni hit that monstrous SIX am sure can happen only at Palakkad. If we were in the US then I can't imagine where it would have ended. My friends calling from different parts of the world next week or so to 'commentate' about the same game.

But its been a moment to cherish and that too after some long wait. I have heard from my Dad & Rajuettan how 1983 world cup victory meant to them. How they clung on to the radio listening to commentary on BBC. Every world cup I hoped for our time to come. More than for us Indians we all wanted the world cup for our little master. And me being a big Dhoni fan it all fits like a 'T' when you think about it later.

Many more things have happened in my life and especially in Indian Cricket but for year together that night of April 2nd must be the most euphoric moment of my life. There is a pride and chest puffing moment when we say we are the current cricket champs of the world.

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