Thursday, May 10, 2012

R.I.P.....dear R.M.P leader...

This the time,

When political parties are run by power greedy men.
When politics is a mere affectation of ideologies.
When lives are taken with ease of deflating a balloon.
When accusation becomes the general tone in a leaders sentiments.
When yelling 'inquilab zindabad' overcomes the emotional barriers and seduced by blind ideologies.
When political fronts pose a goats exterior and a devilish inside.
When media cameras are scavenging 'hot news' standing over a dead disfigured body.
When  a 'rebel' is sacrificed like a pawn in chess.
When martyrdom is celebrated as an ideal brave mans death.
When cruelty is copyrighted to 'talibanism' as a political lingo.
When me and you have brains which are astonishingly empty, and can be filled by huge amounts of Bullshit. 
When we foolishly believe, after all this play with blood there is a lovely dawn waiting for us.

Who gets maximum benefits out of killing a leader?? Our new age media openly discusses and measures the 'price value' of a dead body without any remorse. Will a political front use this murder for their own advantage?? Is this the time to down play the murder and give utmost importance to political equations?? Some leaders are openly accusing each other and digging up old graves of dead martyrs from their party. Down the lane as common men we see everyone has blood in their hands. Whom do i believe?? One more brave leader bites the dust. His widow cries till she wishes for a peaceful death. His son cannot close his eyes to sleep and not see his dads disfigured head. 50 cuts on a face bandaged and stitched like a mass of meat. There is a family behind all this which lived in a shadow of fear now praying death gods to show some mercy at them. Leaders from all parties come and go, garlands and 'crocodile tears' aplenty. Murderers may or may not  be caught forever. Police will be accused in political circles of handing favoritism to one side and that is pretty obvious. And we sit here in our plush couches accusing everyone else but ourselves. People like me and you have been silently supporting this murderous streak from each party based on revenge, avenge and what not. Its time to bring an end to this, time for disregarding those party lines which believe in aggression. Time to unlearn what we have learnt all along and adopt a peaceful future. We love our martyrs but let their deaths show us the value of life rather than martyrdom, there is so much to do for the society.

May T.P.Chandrasekharans soul rest in peace!!
May there be common sense and love amongst us!!!

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