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July 28, 2012 Baltimore

Me and Sandy went for the Liverpool Vs Tottenham match at the M&T Bank Stadium where the Baltimore Ravens ply their trade. For a lifelong liverpool fan its been a dream come true to say the least. To witness Steven Gerrard playing in Liverpool colors gives that sense of elation which cant be expressed in words. Having said all this it was fuckin hot out there, for the first time I came to know what the words'feels like' is meant by And it was taking a toll on the players as well. We could see the game getting slower and slower as the day progressed. And Charles Adam looked like a tortoise in front of Bale (no wonder he tripped the injured olympic star). But the heat had no effect on the fans in the stadium and 90% of them were Liverpool fans. A few handpicked Tottenham fans and few non-related Barca, Man Utd, Madrid, Arsenal & Chelsea jersey clad irrelevant fools (am just saying). As I have read in millions of blogs and articles about the kop and the liverpool fans. How they love their football anthems and how they chant their player songs vociferously. They were all true,  even before the match started the environment was kick ass and lively. Even though Suarez was a major absentee there were Suarez chants all around.

The sadness kicked in when Liverpool strolled in the 'away' jerseys instead of the new 'warrior red' colors. Anyway the game started and was typical cagey, with both teams making it way too friendly. Obviously there were no goals and shots on goal were tame and lacked a spark. Its a shame that for all the environment and crowd support game was a dud. From a Liverpool point of few Brendan Rodgers has a mammoth task ahead of him to assemble a competitive team (forget the cups). The team still plays in the system Kenny Dalglish opted for and there was nothing that looked pleasing. Jonjo Shelvey looks promising and could make an impact but he is too slow and looks average when put under real pressure. Introduction of Sterling & Ecclestone brought in some flair and we could see things happening altogether. There were those 'little swansea triangles' that we were promised of and atleast that was a foot forward from the way we play. Around the 75th minute Gerrard entered the arena with lot of noise and support on his arrival. He played a few through balls to please the crowd and to show he is the best player on the pitch as always. Ironically he walked away with a yellow card in the end, though that foul saved us from losing face at the dying minutes.

Even Andy Carroll got a huge round of applause when he entered, which in a way surprised me. Maybe the goal he scored in the Euro has brought some optimism in the public about him. Though there were comments from the crowd for the 35 million pound player every time he ran as if he is running on bamboo sticks. The touch was pathetic and as always he looks clumsy when he is 'trying' to dribble. We all know he is all heads and no legs, may be first of that kind. If I were the gaffer I would not waste further time and ship him off straight away. As I always said before he is just an over hyped Peter Crouch with a heavy price tag on him. Then the other Comolli failures Henderson and Downing were a bit better on the pitch compared to Andy. With the rub of the green going there way both of them can change their forgetful season flip a 180. And hopefully that happens soon enough, otherwise we are getting relegated to the list of mediocre teams out there.

As a football and Liverpool fan I could just hope for a better season this year which starts in a few more weeks.

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