Thursday, August 23, 2012

Magnificent Mary Kom !

Mary Kom needs no introduction to an average Indian sports fan. And if you have the slightest interest in boxing you just cannot praise her enough. I love boxing as a sport because the boxer male or female has a strong story to tell. There is a huge amount of dedication, talent and hard work behind every successful sportsperson. But boxing probably has the story of an underdog all over it. I think hardships in younger life make them to be mentally that much stronger. So as it is boxing is a very tough sport, but for woman from our country (and being from North Eastern India) to adopt this game and become successful internationally is inexplicable in words.

The support our government and people pay to any other sport other than Cricket is negligible. But off-late we are beginning to see things change with Sania, Saina, Jwala, Dipika etc starting to shine at international levels in their own sports. Though there are many more upcoming sports women, Mary wins my heart for her sheer determination. Alas she had to settle for a bronze but for a mother of two nearing her 30's its magnificent. The former Arjuna award and Khel Ratna recipient though has nothing to prove to us. But its her inner thirst that will drive Mary for Rio'16. She has been winning every other world tourno and a gold in olympics to add that will be simply awesome.

In my respect and admiration towards Mary I have decided not to use the word 'Chinki' or 'Nepali' in my vocabulary. Yes, I admit to have used it before even while teasing Pritam, Kora and Doren my friends from Arunachal &Manipur . Its such a demeaning word altogether when I thought deeply about it. Its as bad the term nigger which is banned publicly. I wish there is a law of some kind to ban such 'stupid' words. Its hail mary till next olympics for me, I hope she participates and win a gold for our country.

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New Year SMS said...

She is the real life hero! Need to see more like these instead of the constant crap news about "saifeena" and other insignificant useless people !!

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