Monday, October 8, 2012

Montebello Memoirs

What's a perfect weekend get away? I have thought about it every time I plan a trip. And as always my mind would say 'in to the woods'. Camping in a forest side with a bit of hike, trail and trekking to achieve. When Nitin called me about Montebello, after a quick glance via mother google. I had made my mind, its time to return to the country side. The unexplored side of America which I always wanted to spend time with. We booked a small little cabin in the country side with river flowing by. It had all the amenities you need to 'survive' and looked more like a get away sort of land. As we reached there it was pitch black darkness with sound of wind rushing through the car windows. As we found out the house had a perfect fire place, a grill machine on a deck like patio. Inside it looked like we have stepped into a library, I guess the house was owned by a voracious reader with books mounting up almost every walls. There was a TV and a few movie DVD's. Kitchen was fully equipped and rooms were small and comforted with picture hangings. Yes 'Love at First sight' i would say.

My wife Deepthi was happiest of us all, first reason being there was no mobile signal. That meant I would spend more time with her and less on facebook. Second reason being I had gifted her this new DSLR which she was eager to explore. As the day brightened we packed the food for the day and set off on a hiking trip to SpyRock mountains. There is a historical signifance to the mountain as it served as a lookout mountain top for the Indians (Native Americans) as well as Whites during their respective war era. After my ACL injury this probably was my first true exerting trip, so I had to take care of me very well. Nitin had planned the trip very well with frequent breaks and ample hydration. Deepthi was immersed in her photography and she captured each and every object that came our way. Nitin's wife Kavi was tired but didnt bog down and kept pushing her to reach the summit. On our way up we met a few British travellers who were taking a much more bigger trail & hike route. Best of luck to them, am contempt already :)

And Wow!! , the summit blew me away. I am not a person who easily gets pleased. But even for my record the fall color and view was simply mind blowing. Heavy wind added fun to the whole equation and we sure found ourselves a rock to hide ourselves from the gushing wind. After a food break we started our descent and I must say it was a bit scary and uncontrolled. But all in all descents are easier to manage , its just the calf & knee pains taking a toll on our minds. It took us in total 3 hours 15 mins to finish the complete trail excluding our time on top of the mountain. After a rendezvous in the nearby little village town we headed back to the cabin.

Setting up campfire and grilling chicken with kebab and buffalo seasoning, corn, paneer, and what not. Fireplace became all more thrilling and I would say was the icing on the cake. After a few round of cards and watching 'Lawrence of Arabia' it was time to hit the bed. Tired and sleep deprived from last few days but fully worth it. Checked my mobile for one last time and 'Still No Signal'. Its amazing that 2 days went by without Social Networking , I must be joking to myself. Next day rain ate away our crabtree fall visit but we still managed to set our footprints on the base falls. And after all had a long drive back as well. And damn it, its been 60 hours since am losing touch of world :)

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