Friday, December 14, 2012

A sad evening in Office Cafeteria

A distraught mother stares at the beaming television in our office cafeteria. She is numb and weeping silently. On a day of early dismissal and team luncheons there was no spirit left among many. Every father and mother  rushed back to their homes. Probably to hug their kids tighter and also to pray for those 18 tiny tots murdered in New town, CT. There were discussions on guns, children, schools and past shooting incidents by a visibly frustrated lot. And as always dispersed until they were mentally fatigued. An old man and his glistened eyes kept looking at the TV and tried to cook up a conversation with people around him including me. But his voice stuttered and he slowly immersed in his coffee. All he could say was 'They are just kids for Christ sake'. A few words that kept reverberating in my head the whole drive back home.  And as president Obama said earlier 'our hearts have been broken today'. Its a sad day to anybody with emotions and love. And its one of those days when all that you have imagined about a better world crumbles right in front of you. As they say when some thing out of the order happens we human beings panic and we lose our senses. Yes, it was one of those day with social networking sites being the preferred medium to vent out frustrations and anger. Between all this pointing fingers, the civic society ignores the killer. Another tiny little boy who probably was never hugged. He never was taken care of when supposed to. He who will be painted as a murderer in history books. Probably there was a tiny something he wanted to say, or probably there is a message from some one above via him. A message that says 'Stop your weapons or else they might start Stopping you'.

Let us all take some time of our busy life to pray for the kids and their families. Let us hope this would be the last such incident ever in the world.

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