Wednesday, December 5, 2012

F.D.I (Foolish Democracy of India)

If you didn't notice the sad state of Indian politics. Look out for the FDI in Retail Parliamentary motion.  When 218 voted against FDI in Retail, 253 voted for FDI. But the ugliest politics was to be played by BSP and SP who have 21 & 22 votes respectively. By walking out of the voting process they "PUBLICLY" spoke against FDI and in effect voted AGAINST the will of the people. They surrendered to the meek buying power of Congress. Media portrays it as a walk out against FDI, but any Indian with basic common sense knows for the fact that they back stabbed Indian democracy.

Gone will be the days when we ate Palakkadan Matta Ari (Rice) which will be duly replaced by the cheaper Chinese Rice. Those sturdy furniture in our houses will be replaced by the paper thin IKEA furniture  This will be particularly a death sentence to manufacturing industry as they will be competing against the Chinese manufacturers who have tested their products in a competitive US market and have been extremely successful. Gradually they will win your hearts and loot our pockets.  Any fruit or vegetable would be imported from some far away land for a cheaper price. Indian farmers will sell their lands to real estate mafia and drive around in Mercedes & BMW's. But not for long when Ambani decides to construct one more house 'The Attilla II' so gas process will go up duly. The land owner now parks the car in the Walmart parking lot hoping that somebody steals it. Ministers will keep looting us and Media will keep shooting them. Whole Indian struggle will make it into SlumBitchBillionaire and probably to oscar under a foreign movie banner (Mind you foreign investment works huh??). Sachin , Dhoni, Shahrukh , Aamir & Amitabh Bachan will keep advertising Walmart, Tesco,711, Wawa, Ikea and more. And we will keep buying more and more to satisfy our inner egos. After home loan, car loan, education loan a new 'survival loan' will be launched in the market with government subsidy. The good thing about this loan will be that there will be no Quota system.

Thankfully rat poison will still be a small scale industry and we can gleefully gulp down with thirst each and every drop of it.

Yeh Dil Maange More !! 
Jai Hind!!!

{All this could be a sarcastic extrapolation and could end up as a blasphemy. And hopefully I am wrong in every sense of it. May god help us.}

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