Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rape Me, Rape Me My Friend

Conspiracy Theory (I am just Saying)
Disclaimer: Below is a work of imagination and any characters with similar names are accidental and should be considered coincidental in nature.
Amidst the rape and media sensation congress led UPA,
1.passed the 51% investment in retail markets
2.passed the promotions for SC\ST in government jobs irrespective of merit and experience,
3.Kalmadi walks with a Rs. 5 lakh fine
4.Kanimozhi is unscathed
5.Raja is out and probably looting us in his new role
6.Vadhra was not even an accused so that is already taken care of
7.Subramaniam Swamy's case on Rahul & Sonia Gandhi in the Herald House case is silent
8. Increased the fuel prices.

The rapists are caught and punished and with best noises made 1 or 2 might get a death penalty and rest might get a 5 year term. Protesters are happy, Social Network is happy, Indians are even more happy.  As always we the ignorant forget above 8 and more.

Congress led UPA is like a Karan Johar movie. Any fool can predict the story and the happy ending but we keep watching it till the end expecting a change somewhere. But unfortunately the same old story is sold again and again, and we keep falling for it again and again.

Meraa Bhaarat Mahaan!!

* Rape Me, Rape Me My Friend is a song by Curt Cobain (Nirvana)

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