Sunday, March 24, 2013

Curios case of Sanju Baba

Every time someone cuts you off at a traffic signal or when the cop expects a bribe  for the silliest mistake. We the people blame our country, its laws and above all its politicians. "Is Desh ka kuch nahi hone walaa..." sometimes is sung more than our national anthem. But above all those silly things , its when a high profile Kanimozhi, Raja, Kalmadi and probably Sanjay Dutt's walking free as untouchables that makes me say "Is Desh know rest of it. Dont you?

A few days back the Supreme Court upheld the conviction and sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment. Sanjay Dutt who already served 18 months in jail will have to serve rest of the period. As expected tinsel wood used twitter, news media and much more to express their support towards Sanjay Dutt. Which in a way is heart melting and touchy. But laws of the country are made for our protection and well being. Illegal possession of Fire Arm is no child's play. And in a way letting him off will send wrong signals to the law abiding public. And for Sanjay Dutt it comes with an added burden of being a celebrity. In a country where movies are followed fanatically and movie stars are considered as demi-gods, Pardoning Sanjay Dutt and 'forcing' leniency would be equal to nullifying the power of the laws and courts in the country. One should not and must not expect compassion and leniency if they break the law. Rather than pleading for Sanjay Dutt, media and celebrities should take this instance as the prime example in upholding our judicial system.

On a personal note, I like his movies. Munnabhai M.B.B.S still remains one of my favorite movies. I cannot imagine anyone else other than Sanju Baba in that role. See you in movies after a few years we will be definitely waiting on the other side.

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