Monday, June 10, 2013

Spot fix IPL

Discalimer : This blog is imaginary and intended for pun only. The names used in the blog below were nick names of my friends in high school. I have no affiliation towards Save Sreesanth Forum.

A few days back Sreesanth was arrested for alleged involvement in spot fixing. Media is running frenzy on the issue and makes average Indian worry as if an epidemic us due upon us. Channels are prying upon secret cameras of Sreesanth's hotel and his 50,000 black berry phone. All they want is a phone conversation between Sreesanth and D company on this case to pin him down. Well for one instance its an excellent job by Delhi police to pry upon this and bring in super fast justice, the justice served in this case has made Dominos Pizza hang their head in shame. Earlier towel on a players waist and scratch on his ass were clear cut signs of summer heat in India. But now with excellent theory making and proving 'converse = true ' presentations anything can be made believable. If Delhi police was to investigate on Robert Vadra's assets they might prove he is 'BPL" (Below Poverty Line) as he is still living with his Mother In Law. But still everyone believes (if at all proved) Sreesanth is just a cockroach in the system, and he needs to crushed.  But I dare to say, for what?? In my view whole IPL with its cheergirls and time outs was always fixed. Businessmen cleaned up their black money, Young cricketer flushed their cricketing brain, Heroines with and without dimples danced and BCCI made loads and loads of cash. I think it should be other way round, BCCI should force the Goverment of India to legalize betting in IPL. With a billion cricket fans in the country its an untapped business domain even Warren Buffet would be interested in investing. With the idea of 49% retail taking a hit, this is the gold mine Congress Government can scam and loot the mother out of it.  Once betting in cricket is legal, who the ' f ' needs Dawood Ebrahim? May be BCCI can outsource the whole project to Infosys (which badly needs some sorta help). Web App, Mobile Apps, Betting pubs, Betting Casinos you name it the business is so huge that Vijay Mallya will jump into this pool naked without his model chicks. TV Channels can run reality shows to find those cricketers who can be lured into spot fixing. (Bakraaaaaa!!!). The market is so big and opportunities are close to infinity. Mr.BCCI (Jagmohan Srinivas Dalmiya) DO THE RIGHT THING!!

Finally spare some thoughts on Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar, the greatest servants of Indian cricket walked out of IPL and sadly no one noticed. As TV channels were busy shooting Ankit Chavans wedding and interviewing his wife.

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