Monday, August 19, 2013

My experiences during a child birth

August 6th 2013 - Rendezvous with Numbers

Sometimes our life revolves around numbers. And we are so attached to this man made enigma that our lives are dictated by it. From our salaries to home loan interest rates to share prices we are vehemently being chased by a bunch of calculators. Today I faced a different kind of number eating my brains out. Its called 'due date'. On the basis of a simple calculation my wife's due date was on August 6th. And since then we both have been kinda attached to this number like a piece of iron on a magnet. Our families, near, dear, friends and well wishers all were looking forward to that date. And me and my wife wading through each dates with anxiety and other inexplicable emotions. Shoppings' done, Our families have reached and there is nothing else to do but to wait for our little one to arrive. But as she crossed her due date she starts getting nervous. And as she gets nervous it gets passed on to me easily. And as I take a step back and think, after all its just a mathematical calculation based on probability of average births across the world. Our doctor says that the baby is healthy and Thank God my wife too is as healthy as I have seen her. But that stupid number tenaciously sulks its wicked teeth back of my neck.A little bit of googling takes me into another revelation that only 5% babies in the world are 'post term'. Now that's a diamond cutting diamond scenario, one number to counter the ill effects of another number. So eventually I am overwhelmed by a simple number and kinda helpless as well.

August 13th 2013 - Induce me Baby

So August 13th is my birthday. And this year being my 30th I am slowly going down the hill from my youth. But this year I was in no mood to celebrate , as I was more worried about my wife and her big belly. The sight of her catching short of breath after a good walk sends a shiver through me. The scare that in any time she will be in utmost pain and all I could do is stand next to her and not throw up or even worse fall unconscious. The day before our doctor gave us an indication that she is gonna be induced on 13th and explained us the procedure in brief. And 13th night 9 pm we walk into the hospital and filled up some forms. Looking at each other every instant with no clue whats ahead of us. Through stories heard from other mothers we knew it was going to be a himalayan task.

August 14th 2013 - The Labor Room

Unlike in India , American method of delivering a baby is vastly different. And the most noticeable difference is the presence of a support person (usually the accomplice none other than the husband).  My dear friend Anil told me once "In India all you do is smoke a cigarette and walk across the labor room umpteen times and anxiously wait. Here in America you are standing right next to her the whole time." As a father of two lovely kids Anil's view about it made a lot of sense. So keeping this in mind I stand next to my wife during the labor. The Nurses and Obstetrician yelling 'push push and push' basically pushed me into an extreme emotion which I have not faced ever before in my life. First of all their is this anxiety of a first time dad (and the question mark over if its a boy or a girl), then there is this multitude of fear starting from my serious concern over the well being of my wife and the baby inside and finally there is an ounce of guilt. And guilt is the strangest one as it lasted only those 2 hours when my wife was pushing her self breaking the pain barriers. And after 2 hours of deep breath and push and tons of uncomfortable positions 'he' finally arrived into our lives. Moments like those where me, my mother, my mother in law, my wife, the doctors and the nurses all elated made me an even firmer god believer and increased trust in science. Its an inexplicable flow of emotion and I have to first Thank God and Science eventually for this happiest instance of my life. When my sister was born my mom told me a little angel was gifted to her by god. Now I correlate it easily after my son was born, essentially its a gift from above and there is no doubt about it.

August 15th 2013 - Congratulations day

After a tiring day in labor room and sleep less night today I spent the whole day at Christiana Care Hospital with my wife and kid. As I walk through the corridors , take the lift or go to the cafeteria everyone kept congratulating me for being a father. The secret behind this is the blue tag on my hand given to the mother and the support person with her when a child is born. Initially I was a little shy to respond and was kinda coy but gradually I understood the spirit behind it. Thanking everyone for the wishes and prayers I moved on.

Note : Aarush was born on August 14th at 4:22 pm. Had it been India at the same time its August 15th 1:52 am we would have celebrated our Independence day along with this birthday. As my friend Sreejith texted me 'On the day India won its freedom, you lost yours' :D


Dhanya Pranab said...

Very Good one Tiger Ka Baaap :) Enjoy the days wid lil tiger and his mom :)God Bless :)

Dhanya Pranab said...

Very good one Tiger Ka Baap :)Enjoy your days wid Lil tiger and his mom:) God Bless :)

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