Sunday, October 27, 2013

Finally....some sense prevailed!

This weekend I happened to watch 'Chennai Express'. Yeah Yeah I am sorry about it, and won't do it again (hands on my ears moment). Seriously what happened to Shahrukh 'Mayur' Khan from our childhood memories. The same SRK whom I used to idolize and would mimic his 'Nakhre' and 'Hairstyle' in my school days. Now neither do I happen to have hair and nor does SRK possesses style. The movie was so horrible that I gleefully agreed my wife's request to change my kids diapers. Better to handle poop, than watching shit right? The same 'ghisa pita' aka cliched movie scenes with no sense prevailing in any part of the movie. And the day became even worse when I read this movie was among the highest grosser last year. Well either its a statement that other hindi movies are shittier than this or  alarmingly there are still a bunch of SRK maniacs waiting on the 'Ka..Ka..Ka..Ki..Ki..Ki Kiran' moment to happen again. Earlier days when a movie was bad guys go out and take a smoke break, as per new trend we take our mobile and be socially active. So I happened to take my mobile and log into twitter, and god forbid there were a bunch of 'Congis' aka Congress Supporters tweeting about UPA governments achievements in last 2 reigns. Holy Shit, there are still people in my country who still believe Congress led UPA can lead us out of the dungeon they led us into first place. Wow my day is getting worser and as I was venting my anger on facebook (like a diligent keyboard warrior), I happened to come across this beautiful Advertisement. Check this out, if you haven't seen it yet.

Well to start off, the background music is 'The Dichotomy of Fame' from the movie Rockstar. Ustad Bismillah Khans magic recreated by none other than A.R.Rahman. So whats so special about it? Well apart from the standard cliche of a jewellery ad based on a marriage function everything else has been refreshingly new. To begin with the leading lady is a dusk skinned or tanned beautiful atypical Indian lady. More than a big percentage of Indian men and women are dusky or wheatish but for some reasons all advertisements we come across are filled with goris or goras. And as prejudice sets in , the skin color unfortunately has been the bench mark for beauty amongst our junta. Ok, back to the ad shall we? The bride is a mother of a cute little girl and viewers like me are to assume that it could be her second marriage. When the playful little girl wants to take the '7 pheras' with her mommy, the groom wholeheartedly picks the child up and completes the ritual. A thought provoking Ad which is ready to expose the taboos in our culture with a simple message. Simple isn't it? But for an Indian advertisement industry to evolve up to this it has been a long journey. A journey where we still see Doctors in white coat for toothpastes, where we see energy drinks with brain booster technology, where we see our heroes with a bunch of imported girls and dancing with them for no reason. We have seen it all, haven't we? Gauri Shinde and her crew have raised the bars now and hopefully we can expect some advertisements with little bit of sense in it.

NB : Also would request Gauri Shinde to resurrect the dooming acting skills of our beloved SRK with some pathbreaking ideas like the above.

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