Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Accuse.Allege.Prick (A.A.P)

As my fellow malayalee Mr.Priyadarshan would testify, remaking something from Malayalam to any other language is like shooting on your  own foot. We never can capture the real essence of something expressed in Malayalam to any other language. And I think that's true for any other Indian language.  Having said that I am gonna make this futile attempt to make my voice heard amongst a larger audience. Special thanks to a few friends of mine who have encouraged me to venture into this bravado. Yesterday I had posted a blog in Malayalam and here I am 'trying' to rewrite/remake the same in English.

The new trend in social networking sites and popular media is about AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) and whether its days are numbered. Allegations, debates, fights, dharna's and much more activism to break this infant party. The unity amongst Congress, Communist and Modi supporters is a rare sight to see and it makes you believe that the unity our father of the nation once dreamt of is finally achieved by us Indians. But sadly this unity is to break AAP and its governance and not something constructive to the nation. Its like a bunch of jackals on prowl hunting down a slightly head strong donkey. Definitely a donkey because , Aam Aadmi is and has always been a donkey (quotes of a minister from my state).

These so called 'Anti AAP (that makes them AAAP)' are waiting for an opportunity to pounce upon Kejariwal and company. Some of the allegations against Arvind Kejariwal (AK) is damn stupid and bloody nonsense. Very well backed by media (who in turn are backed by corporates) anybody can raise an allegation these days and push the truth to oblivion. These political journos and so called activists are ever ready to dissect each and every word that comes out of anyone from AAP. They are least bothered about the Delhi Government's  agenda and action. All they care is to confuse the people with political jargon's and ridiculous video footage. And above all they have decided that AK is an anarchist and he is the one man dictator who has no clue on how to run a government. But we cannot completely ridicule or point finger at these "Anti-AAP'ians" can we? They are like many of us who are used to religious bigotry and immersed in caste creed politics. They are used to ministers looting us at their first chance and paying a minimal bail fee to still continue as ministers. They are still happy with ministers who rule us like kings, commanding thy peasants to run the government machinery. They are used to many such other feudal systems engraved in our system by the Britisher's. So why the F*&K will they allow some stupid young IRS officer to change the course of a sinking ship even if he promises a golden shore.

Although we cannot entirely blame the Anti-AAP brigade. Kejariwal's antics and behaviour are some times childish and over the board as well. He acts as if he is born to Lord of truth Raja Harishchandra but brought up by a rebelling revolutionary in Cheguevara. He takes the unwanted effort to answer every allegations like a Maths professor and sometimes tries to explain and make each and everyone understand his thought processes. Sadly he doesn't notice the fact that these people who allege or question him have no interest in his thoughts and ideas. For them AK is as good as a guinea pig to boost subscription/TRP. As longs as he is able to keep the people (Aam Aadmi) interested and impressed by his governance he need not bother about them doubters. The underlining fact is that AK needs to learn to leave those balls outside offstump and ignore them. If he needs a role model in this subject he could very well go to Umman Chaandy who prefers to show deaf ears to the Nay Sayers . In Kerala its no more Gandhigiri, but its Chandygiri that is being used to ridicule the communists. Maybe AK can take a leaf out that and impose a restraint on himself.

The AAP way of governance is something new that we have never seen or experienced. I agree that some of the measures are extremely populists and actions by a few AAP leaders are damn outrageous. But we must exhibit a bit more patience towards them before passing judgement over a 4 week old government. We must not forget the fact that almost everyone amongst these leaders in AAP are new to this media attention, power struggle, accusations, allegations, threats and much more. It would be too cruel from our side to expect them to conduct themselves as seasoned politicians. AK could be the new age Tughlak or Akbar or Ashoka who knows? But we must not hasten ourselves into that judgement backed by some media B.S . Ideally after a years time we could get a clearer picture about AAP's capabilities until then couldn't we all just wait? Why do we have to hurry ourselves into labeling AAP as a disaster? Wouldn't it be better for us to take a step back from their faces and see how the story unfolds itself ?

NB: Some times to clean your house a broom would not be sufficient enough. You might as well use a cane to kill those rodents. May be AAP needs to stock up on them canes for future battles.

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