Thursday, March 6, 2014

John Brittas interview on Gail Tredwell

Offlate media interviews are more hyped on the sensationalism than on the actual content. The advertisement and highlight reel of such interviews are made more interesting and responsive with apt background music and sub titles. So having such prejudice in mind I expected the interview by John Brittas with Gail Tredwell to be a dud. Add to that Mr.Brittas can be a a bit egoistic and arrogant in his demeanor that makes him a wrong candidate as a host. But glad that all my prejudices have been been proven wrong in this below interview. Mr.Brittas played the perfect interviewer with utmost intention in understanding Ms.Gail Tredwell from a common man's perspective. And he didn't try to play neither a combative 'Karan Thapar' nor a pleasing 'Vir Sanghvi'. He allowed Gail Tredwell to speak and never tried to corner her with ridiculous dramatic statements. Although the name of the interview 'Ammaykku Ethire Makal' is as  dramatic as it can get but given the truth behind the whole story I guess we can ignore that silly speck in the name. As the interview proceeded Ms.Tredwell opened up and validated her thoughts and answered the doubts Mr.Brittas had in his mind. John Brittas in the beginning and in between the interview took his share of 'anticipatory bail' by making it very clear that he is just another reporter trying to get down to the issue in his own manner. Which I think is essential given the polar nature of our public. Its in a way a painful to listen to Ms.Tredwell and see her struggle to come in terms with herself. But overall I believe she answers all the questions that we all had in our mind.

Even after all this I am damn sure, the 'brain washed' minds and the 'spiritual seekers' minds will never get affected with a book or an interview or a spectacular revelation. For them its all farce and thats the saddening truth. I hope people understand the truth first and then take a stand. But given how timid the government and other leaders have reacted so far on this issue I see it going down the drain (like any other) until one another bigger issue arises.


Joyoflife said...

Is it just me or is there anyone else who finds it weird that no one had a problem with the beatification of Mother Teresa with a miracle with the healing that
occurred on the first anniversary of Mother Teresa's death.A woman in India who had a huge abdominal tumor and woke up to find the tumor gone.

And no social media was there to protest when someone wrote a great book about how to be a good human being after an angel came and told him what to write???

Even the messengers have been slandered of pedophilia and immorality , but the world recognizes them for the good things they taught us. Why else would millions take to heart something that was taught centuries ago by a human being?Is it ok to be divine only posthumously even though these people are known for their philanthropy? Accepted that people mistake goodness for divinity in this case but these days looks like being selfless is what makes someone divine.

Joyoflife said...
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Joyoflife said...
This is a good analysis of the book and interview. As someone who analyses issues very logically could you please go through this and give us your opinion

Anonymous said...

I don't understand you hypocrites. A few years ago some harmless cartoon had come from Finland...can you remember the idiotic reaction from some parts if the world? Imagine if the people who were hurt in this instance from this interview were half as mad as those. You hypocrites...

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