Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My 'sad' diatribes on war

Sitting comfortably on a couch surfing through channels I see some News Flashes on Gaza, Israel, Hamas etc etc. And not for the first time I have no clue which version of truth to believe. Truth as manifested and obliterated by news media has made me callous to put it mildly. Although many wouldn't agree but I think m(b)illions amongst us have become ignorant about the feuds in Palestine and Israel. There are no good people and bad people in a bloody war, only a bunch of unfortunate people.  The so called holy land is fighting it out with tooth and nail with deaths tolling to thousands every few years. When my kid sleeps comfortably in his bed besides his mother I am worried about those children in these conflict zones who are sleeping with constant fear as their intimate companion. The very thought makes me sick and sad at the same time. The Iron dome, the statistics of missiles , the never ending debates , the representatives from each sides, the pictures of destruction and a repeat of all the above in varied proportions daily on every news channel has made me less humane. I see blood on television as frequently as I see marinara on pasta. The so called world leaders are playing it safe and keeping an arms distance to the holy war. They probably are expecting Jesus to resurrect again and bless peace and wisdom to Israelis and Palestinians. And if they are expecting such miracles may the Gods I pray help them in their quest.

 And I am sleepless that how I would explain all this to my son one day if he asks me about it. How would I explain him that every missile fired is backed by a bunch of reasons (or excuses) varying from religion, ego, politics and vengeance. How would I tell him that Son of God was supposedly born somewhere in there. The more lies we spread about these wars, it has a butterfly effect on millions others waiting for an excuse to exhume their enemies. With these images spread virally through our finger tips, our next generation would be the most callous and ruthless generations ever. And for their sakes I hope our world leaders step up in instilling peace in world.

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