Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Profanity is the new Comedy??

Although I have been reading a few facebook status updates on 'AIB Roast' I never had a chance to see it. I kinda knew what to expect as I had seen a few excerpts of the Comedy Central Roast. When I say excerpts it would be mainly a few ads on television and occasional random clips in youtube. Profanity expressed by a bunch of dapper gentlemen and some weird ladies and thats all about it. And today one of my dear friend sent me a clip of the AIB Roast via whatsapp. The same old profanity
that I mentioned earlier yelled out by a few names of Bollywood and watched by an enthusiastic crowd. Well for one I have to admit I kinda enjoy swearing and its even more on the field while playing cricket or football. May be not as intense as Virat Kohli (wink wink) but still upto a decent level. But even for a person of my background,  I found the clip extremely expletive. May be I would have enjoyed it a few years ago but  being a father now make me that bit responsible on such matters.  As every parent I am worried what we sow for our future generation. Either way I found the AIB roast clip extremely distasteful and lacking class.

But then I read a few articles floating in internet relating AIB Roast to 'Freedom of Speech'. And some even had the balls to proclaim that the entire AIB Roast was purely comical and had no malicious intent. In my opinion the only intention of AIB roast is cheap publicity and may be introducing some sorta vandalism using comedy as a weapon. So 'freedom of speech'? you gotta be kidding. And to add salt to injury the AIB funny boys decided to apologize to the Christian Community for the religious jokes which 'might' have hurt Christian sentiments.So basically the AIB boys C**dh their supporters of freedom speech and blah blah blah right on their face. But I kinda support the AIB'ians here , as they would have understood the magnanimity of their offense. And gracefully took down the videos from youtube.

We are still a sentimental bunch who aren't used to such extreme profanity as jokes. As Aamir Khan put it rightly like this "When Karan (Johar) and Arjun (Kapoor) told me what they said and did as part of the 'roast', I felt it was very violent event. I completely believe in freedom of speech and no issues there. Violence is not always physical, it can be emotional, it can be verbal. Jab aap kisi ko insult karte ho to aap violence perpetuate kar rahe ho," And thats my whole view as well, the repercussions are deeper than it seems like and it is not something to be easily shrugged off. I sincerely hope such video or events are not encouraged in mainstream channels as our country is almost glued to it. The promoters of such events have an obvious hideous intention of cheap publicity and easy money making. But as a responsible society we must think twice before we encourage such a platform to the public.

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