Friday, November 6, 2015

The Big Fish just arrived

Facebook asks me 'Whats on your mind', currently I have my tails up and licking my fingers, gosh there will be some sense in this fight from today on wards. Till now it was YAWN!!

As I write this I am feeling a sense of pride in me. A proud me who predicted and eagerly awaited Ms.Roy to execute this futile and mundane exercise of returning awards. Heck, I was wondering if she might end up returning her 'Booker' prize just to grab an international attention. Arundhati cannot help herself from the clutches of any sorts of resistance movement. If you need a good fight she will be there for you, even if its not her fight. This time though, her entry into this story is not as dramatic as I expected. The 'returnee' bandwagon I hear are elated by this but definitely not people like me who are still waiting for a valid reason between all this hullabaloo.

Given the Arundhati standards she is still late and less louder this time. I expected a much bigger hysteria (mass entry) from our beloved author cum poster girl. May be she was not interested in this issue as much she was interested in walking with her dear comrades in the forest. Or may be she doesn't care any more and has given up on our country already.  Well, Arundhati does care about the Dalits and the Adivasi's and has spent a big portion of her life fighting for their rights. Her support of Naxalites and staunch opposition of the ruling congress back then are very well documented. And that is what makes people like me to hear more and more from her.

The award returning parade so far was cliched and boring to an extent. Although NDTV is making a meal out of it and Arnab is adding spices here and there . So far there is nothing new on the table. Until now all the small fishes in the pond were throwing their tantrums and trying their level best to conduct a 'silent' protest. The oxymoron in this form of 'silent' protest conducted in a media is beyond my reach. Either way the entry of Arundhati has upped the ante and the international exposure on this incident is going to be huge. And this is why I think she is the 'Big Fish' and her entry is a big success for all those pseudo intellectuals who have been playing the same manuscript of 'intolerance' and 'fascism' so far. She will be the breath of fresh air and would definitely bring some interesting points to debate upon. She has started off with an anticipatory bail reminding us off her returning award during congress government.

So far so good Ms.Roy. But now Please tell us why do you think millions of Dalits, Adivasi's and minorities are forced to live in terror. Is it due to a beef ban? Are there agendas that is missed by us poor ignoramuses.

Please enlighten us,
Oh Goddess of Small things.
Please do enlighten us.

PS : Arundhati's statement

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