Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mankading a bowlers misery

Its a common wisdom that Cricket is a batsman's game but always the bowler get their ultimate revenge. Batsman gets the adulation and bowlers are dissed for an assisting pitch for their achievements. The sheer number of MOTM batsmen amass is simply mind blowing when it is the bowlers who huff and puff for every delivery. And most likely cornered in fine leg for their ugly long legged frames. Its a circus story of an magician and a clown, the crowd always cheers when the clown gets beaten up and applauds the magician for his charm. Flat tracks, shorter boundary ropes, inventive field restrictions, superior bats, reviews, restricted bouncers , suspect chuckers and what not. Cricket gods treat the bourgeois batsman as their own child and bowlers are nothing but an adopted filthy mistake.

 And like Amitabh Bachan in Deewar the angry young man in Ashwin Ravichandran sprouted his mighty wings and yelled "Uff...Tumhaare Usool..Tumhaare Adarsh" to swim the opposite way. Jos Buttler is the initial scalp and he hopes it turns into a revolution turning into a master stroke or vice versa. But alas he knows its going to be yet another case where the bowlers will suffer ignominy and he will be added in the black books of history. For a smart cricketer he has done the unthinkable act of treachery to stab a batsman from behind. Although the bowlers always argue on the bowling crease is where their role ends and a batsman's journey begins. Its a game on a ledge where every inch matters. But hardly they knew gentleman's cricket was always a quick sand for bowlers, the harder they try the faster they perish.

 Personally I am not a big fan of Mankading and have experienced personally some bitter not so memorable mankading scenarios. Its an unsportsmanlike conduct to change the course of a game but again as long as its in the law books the stigma against it is not helping the ICC. Hope ICC revisits the law and scrubs it off.

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