Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Moral Policing..Did we ask for it?

"Babel' is a movie with 4 different scripts in it and at one point they converge in a superficial manner. The one tiny script i like in it is the Japaneese girls story, a dumb and deaf cute girl (rinko kikuchi) who somehow wants to lose her virginity. Various scenarios where movie is shot depicts the 'great' americanization or westernization of japan.
Japan we know from books is the 14 hour working class, fishing industry, bullet trains etc. But one thing you will notice in current japan is its 'lost' it self in a cultural upheaval. The kimono wearing young girls are flushed by britney spears or jessica simpson modelled japaneese blondes (Aww!! japaneese blondes can u believe it?). Asians rely a lot on their culture and beliefs, for us its the soul part of our making. Seeing japan slide down its culture is simply appaling.
Yes, one must be liberal and foreward thinking but westernization is not the answer for it. If we dont protect our culture and core values who else will.

So do you think what the Bajrang Dal or Sree Ram Sena did is correct?
hell no!, No one has any rights to take law in their own hands and muscle us into oblivion. Yes they pretend to be saviours of humanity, indian culture and moreover of hinduism. But it clearly depicts their political agenda than anything else.
Atal Vajpayee gave the historic speech before babari masjid demolition, after which our country is never the same. BJP came into national scenario, ISI brainwashed a few young muslims to avange it by further bloodshed. Hells broken all over, but no one understands the intricacies where followers of Ram had to flee because of an ever increasing muslim population. Its all filthy down there....politics in our country is mixed with religion and causes even more foul smell. I dont wanna get into that and deviate from the core My personal opinion is a big No-No to the pub culture, yes who doesn't want to have a peg or two once a while. But that should not keep our cultural values on check, if you are so called independent and outward why do you have to drink or make out in the darkness of a pub. A pub is not what it looks from outside, the moral quotient inside a pub is all time low. Public display of Affection differs from a sexual outbreak. Drinking to get the feel is different and drinking just for the heck of it and dancing around is gross. And please dont give me an explaination.."i am cool" may be you need a 'coolant' on your head.
Discuss my friends Discuss...

Remember our culture was never against drinking or dancing , we must be against the inept western culture marauding ours (something we see in japan right now).
India shines the brightest when we are contempt with a happy family around us and not by the single moms and seperated parents. The pub culture eventually will lead us there where west is struggling now. But there needs to be a law and amendment for these, one Shree Ram Bhakt just cannot run into a pub and start beating and molesting around. No one is a bloody Sree Ram if he raises his hand against a women, how good or bad his intentions are. One of the core value of hinduism is to respect women whether dev-gan, asura-gan or manushya-gan. I think the mistake is on both sides, the right step will be to reduce the pub licenses or increase the taxes for them. Being an indian, its discomforting to see my culture going down the ditch for a few horny-tipsy young blood of my country. Stand against the pub culture but never ever in a Sree Ram sena method but on the basis of a Social Revolution.

Jai HInd

Monday, February 9, 2009

I met ME

Nostalgia, its quite a heavy word synonomous to all those good, bad, evil, naughty, frenetic and of course romantic moment in life. Though quite easily we relate that to our college life. I guess nostalgia was invented in 2004 for me, just when i came out to the big world. Since then time has just flown across between those endless hours in front of computer and long never ending conference calls. "" is the find of the decade if you ask me, as it helps me to keep myself afresh to those memories either through a friend's scrap or some old photos one uploads. Compared to our past generation the current crop is blessed with the power of internet and other communication facilities to keep in touch with our loved ones. Spreading love has never been so easy.

Recently i caught up into a new hobby, its like reading my old mails. You know that the likes of yahoo, rediff and gmail give you ample storage to save mails for generations to come. Its really fun if you try it, in my case its a bit contagious. Last weekend i spent like 6-8 hours on it, just reading my old mails. I infact did a comparison of 'me-then' and 'me-now', what would be my reply if it occurs now (call me crazy or what??). I dunno how many of you will find this interesting enough, but i would tell you beware of those sentimental mails. The one which you would like to read 4-5 times to conquest your inner self. Between all those leg-pulling, sarcastic remarks, poking fingers i guess there is something deeper in me. A deep self, it was great meeting that self again!!