Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nature Lovers

On the highway exit there is a small bush where we have spotted a deer couple stranded in the nights. Standing tall with utmost elegance i slowed down my car to have a glimpse of it every other time. They freezed when bright car lights approached them at 60 mph in a 30 mph zone.On rainy days i slow down to make sure no harm is made for both of us. 2 weeks back i found one of them lying on the road side crushed by a heavy vehicle. It was a horrondous scene with all his inner organs turned inside out scattered on the road side bushes. After a few days I saw the other lonely deer stranded at the same spot. Unfazed by the car honks and bright light it stood its ground. Looked more like a stand of statement and intent to show her courage. Maybe she was searching her dear one, unaware that he has been crumbled in an accident. Maybe she knows about her dear one and wants us human beings to stay out of her territory. I stopped my car and waited till she crossed the road. As i went home the thought about that poor deer kept lingering my mind that night.But next day again i went through the same road, more due to my practised brain than a thoughtful action. And aghast i was to see another deer mashed up by some automobile. I personally do not know if it was the same deer, but almost very sure its the same heroic deer.

Every other day I see a lot of deers decapitated, mashed, crushed and crumbled by our vehicles on road sides. In our views its basically no body's fault. At 70mph its very little we can do maneuvering our vehicles. But thinking about these wild creatures and the bad deal they are getting from us human being. Its one kinda glorious cruelty we human beings indulge in for our survival. We enclosed the nature to our benefits and now we are marauding them at our will. May god show some mercy on our souls.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A 'wannabe' SILK

If anybody thinks 'The Dirty Picture' is an adaptation of Silk Smitha's life, well you are one amongst many who have been intelligently fooled by Milan Luthria, Ekta Kapoor and the media. A few incidents from Silk's life have been hand picked and scattered in a rather sarcastic manner to glorify silk's life. And come on give me a break for casting Vidya Balan to enact Silk on screen. I agree they might share the same sized assets but silk was more about those lazy eyes, expressive lips and easeful dancing (...and many more but can't divulge those in a blog).
As young boys the very word 'Silk' would make us sweat and heart beats at a higher pitch, such was her effect on our puberty. And here comes Vidya Balan with all voluptiousness but with sincerely no after effects. Some say Vidya can express any kind of emotions on screen but now she proves definitely not a 'VAMP'. Its something in built to make men ogle with mouth wide open, a few have it and a few dont.To put it in the right sense had Vidya been Silk in the 80's south India would have had more 'preferably gay' guys. Silk is not only 'bust and bossom' she had an excellent screen presence too. Sad that her on screen adaptation was more of joke and less of silk.

The movie basically has no grip what so ever to keep the audience enthused with a very weak plot. But there is a silver lining and the highlight of the movie are those double edged dialogues. Vidya furnishes those dirt filled timely dialogues with utmost ease. Do you know that there is a 'shakeela' in the movie?? But not the Shakeela we south Indians know but someone more like the shakeela from primary school. Milan Luthria missed out to depict what Silk meant to people other than her steamy erotic scenes. She would pick up a few comic roles which would suit her sexy outlook and some challenging roles too.

Above all Silk was an excellent dancer too and would easily keep up with most of the top dancing stars of the 80's. Vidya is an average dancer and thankfully that portion of silk's life was not reimaged. And talking about the heroes in the movie. Well there aren't any heroes, though there are a few male-co-actors who just want to sleep with Vidya (in the movie). Names of these male co-actors have no imagination what so ever and depicts the typical North Indian attitude towards a fellow 'madrasi'. (Suryakant, Ramakant (obvisouly brothers), Abraham, SelvaGanesh are the few names of the characters)

Having said this, kudos to Vidya for trying out something entirely new which doesn't suit her in any manner and is out of her comfort zone. The movie is nothing but an Ad for push up bra and how men are forced to ogle at them for 2 hours with no shame. Yeah i was one amongst them, but had it been the real Silk 'tho mazaa aa jaatha'!! You could watch the movie for Vidya but please dont watch it if you think its 'Life History of Silk Smitha' its just a failed adaptation. Before i close off my personal pick would have been Bipasha as Silk for those 'wide eyes' and much more. I am sure Silk would have been proud of it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Abominable Water Divide

Guys please refrain from sending hate messages about Thamizhan or Malayalee. There are 40 lakh people in Kerala afraid of a 100 odd year old dam thats causing tremors every other day. But at the same time there are 40 lakh people in Tamilnadu sustaining on every drop of water from this dam. If the dam breaks even Tamilnadu could face a famine. The solution will be to provide water as currently its happening. Today technologies have gone far ahead and there should be a solution to feed water from the proposed new and safer dam. Abstinence and some levels of mis-communication is causing a big divide and rift among two emotionally vibrant states. Government policy making and decisioning could take longer time but that doesnt give any 'Indian' to say names and spray anger at each other. For ages people of these 2 states have been walking hand in hand and it must continue to do so. People in Tamilnadu are unaware of the number of earthquakes that have happened in last few months. The blogs and videos from Tamilnadu doesnt mention about the consistent behaviour of these tremors which are directly linked to the rains in these areas and the level of water in the dam. Similarly no blogs and videos from Kerala shows the 5 year long strengthening efforts on the dam made of iron and concrete on top of the old structure. This shows the lack of right education and a void in sending the right message across. Even with a lower water level of 120ft can send ample amount of water to Tamilnadu. If that is insufficient water needs to be pumped or sent via channels till a formidable solution is made. Such simple solutions work in Siruvani dam and we could extend it here as well.

For every point each side puts forward there is an counter argument, but any of which doesn't help the cause for the lives of 80 lakh people spread across these 9 districts. People need to be evacuated to safer zones, New dam to be constructed with assurance of water serving capability as it is now. Spreading hatred is easy and fun up to an extent. But if it gets out of hand it could end up in a much deeper malice than we could ever expect. Lets be united and bringforth an amicable solution to this. There is no Malayalee or Thamizhan when it is the matter of life and death. Hopefully commonsense will prevail.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Run Pandit Run

I like Santhosh Pandit...I adore him as a person. Though my tiny intellect doesn't want me to watch his movie going by the promos & reviews. If its a big miss am ready to accept it. But as a person he is a gem, infact a very rare gem. There is a tinge of sarcasm and tongue in cheek smile on my face but still i place him there. I like many who are reading this blog would have seen the movie 'Forest Gump' where the protagonist Gump was as stupid as one could get. He was naive and abnormal in every sense. But a portion of our heart felt for this good chap when he keeps running all along because his girlfriends asks him to, or when he shows his butthole to the president himself (in the story though) or even when he goes out fishing with no knowledge about it. Call it sympathy, call it cruelty or call it 'goddamn luck' I think there is a place for people like them alongside us. If all were normal and intellectual where is the fun in life? There needs to be a place for such light weight personalities (literally) too. He has virtually kept the flood gates open for opportunities in this industry that is what I like about all this event that has unfolded.

There is a big social networking and media uproar amongst us 'bloody' mallus against him. They love to put those hate comments and make those hate calls to this poor dude.
Mr.A says 'Eda I am frsutrated at work and my boss is an asshole'
For that Mr.B replies 'OOhh Well then I suggest you watch the video from 'Krishnanum Radhayum' and have a laugh riot'

After watching the video Mr.B and his malayalam movie ideologue and love for the movie industry arises. He logs in to youtube and puts those hate comments (പൂരത്തെറി) and YES his mobile number is available on the internet. He calls him and unleashes his tirade yet again. And yes thats bloody hiding mallu for you. For the very fact that he (the same audience) sits and watches movies like Christian Brothers, Chinatown. Tejabhai, PappiAppacha (very recent ones.. dont make me say the history) and prefers to be silent. Because these so called superstars thrive on our internal division of movie fans and the well know silence. The point is not about good movies or bad movies and the cheap petty politics as there are crap movies coming up every weekend irrespective of language. But the point here is the story of a young man who sold his land and house.He who believes he can do something with his 'limited' skills at his disposal.

5 out of 10 people we meet in India has a secret dream of becoming a movie actor or some one in film field. But very few talented or filmy family ones make it to the big screen. The majority middle class is relying on the 9 to 5 job with a safe income, healthy famly and a social status. Now there is Santhosh Pandit who I personally think is a better lyricist, producer & distributor than the other 16 divisons of movie making he has handled. But still wanted to take that intentional risk to have a go at his dreams. There is a cliched statement in malayalam 'പറ്റാത്ത പണിക്കു പോകരുത്' (if you can't do it, don't try it) . Maybe Santhosh Pandit will
wave a flag to all those silent dreamers to have a go at your life and lady luck. Media is demonstrating him as a circus clown act and there are a few jealous film makers who are astounded by the 'luck' this guy has. His next 10 films could be a flop, he might return to his earlier job but he is still a winner at heart for me. Now dont frame me as a 'FAN' its just that I like him the way he is. I am not encouraging you to go and watch his movies you don't even need to watch his videos but don't just ridicule him. We have lot of actors in our film industry (not only malayalam) with limited abilities but lot of backing. At least for a change we have a new 'SuperStar' (as he calls himself) who has neither a godfather in this industry and nor a family to back him. He could be a rare instance in Indian film industry of a self made man.

NOTE: There were eggs thrown at Santhosh Pandit in one of the functions framing him as a 'loser'. So you 'winners' grow a ball and throw the same egg at the so called 'Superstars' for cheating you off a good 2 hours of entertainment minus Rs.50 off your pocket. 'may there be eggs raining in all flop movies. AMEN!!' (atleast the poultry industry needs a big break tsk tsk).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RIP Smokin Joe

I was reading about Joe Frazier today..its more or less has a 'Rocky' story written all over it. Well done Sly!!! Irony of life is that there is a statue of Sly in Philadelphia, but nothing for the original 'Joe'. Joe Frazier was an amazing boxer, heavy weight champion and an Olympic gold medal winner. Maybe a statue is too little for his legacy. As Mike Tyson said today Joe Frazier along with Muhammad Ali were the yardstick of measurement for modern day boxing.

RIP Joe Frazier.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A plea to Tamil & Malayalee Makkal

I am from a place called Palakkad in Kerala which has very close proximity to Tamilnadu and could be called as a border district. Most of us here speak both Tamil & Malayalam and are very much evident of the cultures and culture differences between us. I have noticed a particular trait from my fellow Tamil Makkal (people of TN) that one cannot force or threaten them to do anything. They can get as hot blooded and furious (evident from their movies) and sometimes vocal as well. But they understand the human way, a way of love and trust and will be there with you until death. My intention is here is to educate everyone (especially Tamilians) who visits this blog and exchange ideas from a larger audience on Mullaperiyar Dam. As responsible citizens if India and as fellow human being its your responsibility too to understand the plight of many.

Offlate I have been researching about the Mullaperiyar Dam issue. A conflict and difference in interests between Kerala and Tamilnadu governments. Rather than handling the issue amicably Kerala government is persisting on trying to force upon T.N government to abide the laws. A law in India is as good as its not there, given the 'n' number of loopholes and delays in judicial mechanisms. On the other hand the T.N government has taken it up as a 'matter of pride' though it portrays the issue as 'Agricultural'. The tussle between 2 states is an ongoing affair and has heated up for the last 4-5 years. Political pressure tactics, gheravoo and strikes are planned and executed by both sides and have been successful upto a limit.
But many are forgetting the plights of people who live by the shores of Mullaperiyar Dam. The whole community, clan, population, flora, fauna in this area is already under severe threat and if the dam BREAKS (touch wood it would not) all the above will be cleaned up by ravaging forces of water. It will be more like a man made TSUNAMI. Leaders like Vaiko are raking up the issue and creating unwanted political mileage to himself and his party, but the worst part in this exercise is that he is disillusioning the Tamil population.

A big group of Tamilians are misinformed and have misinterpreted that Kerala government is planning to create new dams to restrict water flow to T.N and in turn is trying to the slash down the agrarian growth of the state. Such is the level of ignorance that many ware unaware of the age of the dam, its location and the effects of it when it breaks down. The existing cordial relationships between the states is disrupted for the 'prime' motives of certain industrialists and central government in particular.

The main point of concern being the strength of Mullaperiyar Dam (constructed way back in 1895). And the easiest resolution is to reduce the water level and construct 2 another mini-Dam in the below areas of Mullaperiyar. What it does is that it helps to maintain the water level in Mullaperiyar at a safer level and also these check dams will be used for deviating water flow to Tamilnadu (as it is happening now). The 4 year construction time at a cost budget of 600 Crore is being rejected by TN govt stating the reason that it will cause a humongous Agriculture loss (there are no statistics to prove this). But for that sake the whole area and population under jeopardy should not be overlooked by the T.N government. Both Kerala & T.N government should shed their egos and work for a bigger cause. And as citizens we must educate the ignorant ones too. Maybe there will be a quicker resolution to this than the hide and seek game inside Supreme Courts and expert analysis.

And finally a plea to the Malayalees as well, Please do not ignore this as an issue of Idukki district alone. There are families who are in dire straits with no political backing on this issue. Irrespective of Right, Left, United, Religious front beliefs we must help out our fellow brothers. There is a huge amount of time we spend fighting over Mammotty\Mohanlal, SFI\KSU, Religious, Atheist or any other 'unwanted' topics. Spend half that time in educating yourselves and others around you on this very very serious issue. Its still not too late.

A beautiful article on this topic, in case you are still interested.

And a few more ;

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lessons still UNlearnt

Nirmal Madhav saga has been resolved. Here is a link that conveys this information. So it is understood that he is been moved to 'Thrissur Desamangalam Engineering College'. And so SFI has made its point to not let him study in 'Government Engineering College, WestHill Calicut'. SFI defended their action by holding on to their reins that he is ranked 'much lower' than deserving candidate. But they blatantly forget that just for this issue the college has been closed for 3 months. What about the 'deserving students' in the college who were sitting in the sidelines for all this time? And also the seat which Nirmal occupied is still empty and is of no use to anyone, its just simply LOST. Nirmal Madhav allegedly had paid 'bribes' to some senior SFI leaders to get it all resolved smoothly. What happened to those guys?? If its a lie SFI should show guts to bring the truth to the public.

All this bruhaha for just getting him transferred?? Any influential guys in Communist party could have done this with a wink of their eye. What about the classes lost for other students?? Will SFI take initiative to cover their lost classes? If i ask this; any damn SFI leader will come up with silly explanations of 'need of the society' or 'truth for a bigger cause'. But you know what? When my cousin was the bigshot SFI leader in early 90's SFI was still doing the same. Mass outbreak and noise basically for no reason or silly reasons. SFI is a group of rebellistic people with no sustained objectives. Its like a missile with no guidance, though targeted most of the time it falls on its own head (maybe thats why they are the student party with maximum number of rakthasakshi's). And these young rebels educate themselves to goons for DYFI and then a very few progress themselves to some senior posts in the party. That my friends is the organization chart of the Left Democratic Front. The more police cases accelerated is his growth. Top to Bottom an organization filled with so called 'democratic rebels'.

Younger generation in Kerala needs to think twice before they enter into dirt politics and manipulation. The only winners in this whole saga is the man of the moment Nirmal himself. He got the public attention to become 'probably' a KSU leader. He got himself a college seat with no torture or ragging from SFI counterparts. Rest everybody is a sore loser. And the worst losers are the 'boys' who represent this silly students party.

Monday, October 17, 2011

SFI : Flower that Blooms every 5 years in Kerala

Borrowed from a news article from Deccan Chronicle
“There is no precedence where a student admitted to self financing college is transferred to government engineering college,” said the SFI state president, Mr K.V.Sumesh.Nirmal’s rank was as low as 22,787, while the last rank admitted to Government Engineering College, Kozhikode, was 1,316, he said.

This is the Nirmal Madhav Saga for which SFI has started a state wide agitation and vandalism on streets of Kerala. A rat like issue has been turned in to a hill by the comrades to garner attention and to notify their presence in the new regime under UDF. For 5 years SFI was in hibernate mode by choice or forcefully under their leadership goons. Does that make us believe that last 5 years kerala education system was under heaven's rule? Or they still are the same 'tiny little students' who are yet to grow balls to stand up and make their voices heard even in their own party circles.

When a student leader prolifically specifies the number game of rank, lemme ask him about the thousands of upper caste students who are from a very poor condition feel about their chances to get into a professional course. SC\ ST\ Ezhava\ SEBC\ Backward Christian\ Backward Muslim\ Regional and what not to add on top Management quota. When will a bright student under general category ever get into a college legally?? Does your party has the dick to stand up for them?? I can pinpoint atleast a few 100 souls who have lost their seat to a richer backward caste student. A poor Nair, Nambiar, Catholic or Varier boy\girl who can't make his ends meet is left astray in the mercy of those below him in ranking.

But no way SFI can own up that as an issue. Because the party heads will lose their sleep over their vote bank. The same party which gleefully distributed land to bring up a social equality in the state must think in same lines to bring a equal education opportunity based on the annual family income. Can they roll up their sleeves and own up that? Diplomatically the answer is a big NO, well then 'damn you' and your 'Nirmal Madhav Saga' as many of us really dont care for SFI as a student organization . A mere energizer bunny will do the same job and may be with a better precision.

SFI as a student organization is a sarcastic joke for many of us who studied in 'gods own country'. Guys who fear to donate blood in hospital are first in queue to get hit by lathi charge and proclaim themselves as 'martyrs'. Police force which is setup to defend the sovereignty of the state is brutally pelted with stones and petrol bombs. With no regard to fellow human life they throw wild agitation on to the poor policemen. When its time for the policeman to bounce back (in most cases for self defense), they take the role of a 'victim' and throw tantrums suiting a drama queen.

A few of my good friends and relatives were once part of this student organization and hearing from them what I understand is that 'most of them dont care about the real issue or the cause, all the care is a few slogans being yelled out and a bit of heroic adventure ( a tussle with opposite party member or a confrontation with the poorly equipped state police). Some think they are 'Che' themselves and some do it because they have been told from childhood that party has done a lot for them.'

A revolutionary or a radical is not a birth right its a choice one makes to stand up and unite against a suppression. Once Edmund Burke quoted about revolution 'The most important of all revolutions, a revolution in sentiments, manners and moral opinions.' I guess SFI are way behind in this game.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pieces of Peace

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, Tawakkul Karman are the winners of 2011 Nobel Peace Prize. The women were recognized "for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work". The committees decision was intended to bring attention to the world about suppression towards women and to instil faith in the society for women. Applaudible isn't it?? Especially because of the challenges women face in middle east and Africa.

Well looks like until the next American President is elected rest of the peace makers in the world will be awarded in batches of 3. This year for women, next year for gay activists probably, the coming year for american army for restoring peace in middle east. By then the next American president will be ready to receive the 'default award' many presidents has been receiving. Sarah Palin last week announced she will not contest for American Presidency, that would have been a huge sigh of relief for the Nobel peace prize committee. What explanation could they give if they had to award a gun carrying wild mom from Alaska as peacemaker?? You will be amazed to see there are 4 American Presidents in the nobel peace maker's list. Obama in 2009 winning the nobel peace prize for ____. (this blank space is still being researched by universities across the world)

A few deserving candidates were rightly honoured like Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther King, Henry Kissinger, Liu Xiaobo last year being my best pick of the list. Not only its a recognition of their struggle against either a populist \ democratic \ capitalist \ political agenda.
Its also for the next generation to look up to these people as a role model to tackle similar situations.

Even human beings make mistake and so do the committee sometimes (wink). Something like the case of our father of the nation 'Mahatma Gandhi' a mistake from which Nobel Peace Prize can never ever recover. Though later on Mother Theresa and Dalai Lama were notably and rightfully awarded (to satisfy the Indian Quota) elusion of Gandhiji still haunts many.

Link for nobel prize winner, if you are interested ;

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pelting Stones at Prithvi

Prithviraj Sukumaran is one amongst my favourite actors in the current era. Movie after movie there is a small crowd (increasing) that nods in agreement about his bright future in Malayalam Film Industry. But off late a few social networking vandals have decided to eggface him. They edit his interviews, manipulate his movie clippings and make a meal out of it. The self joking sarcastic malayalee loves it. But this is going a bit par above the limits i guess. And i feel pity on this well off talented young guy(too young to become a star as some would say). He is well educated, well read and has a good notion about his responsibilities as an actor. For a young actor he invests his earnings back into the meagre earning malayalam film industry. And promotes malayalam industry wherever he speaks and solely believes in good movies to evolve from our industry.
So why does the fellow bloody-mallu dislike him??
(nothing that he cares)
As i said earlier many amongst us are far too jealous on his achievements at this young age and to add salt on wounds he has that charisma around him. To further add he has an 'arrogant attitude', which again is decided by a few in our society. They prefer a soft spoken scoundrel to a bold individual possessing 'SPINE'. And there is a big media to back the 'vandals' i spoke before of. Apparently media is angry at him because 'he had an affair which he didn't disclose until his marriage'. C'mon every media baron must rethink the money they invest on gossips and page3. Its a case of media failure, where they couldn't unearth his affairs (if they were so much interested to begin with). Then there is a section of media who kept speculating him having an affair with Samvrutha Sunil (an upcoming fine actress in malayalam). There have been a few movies of them together to add spice to their stories\gossips. After Dileep-Manju, Biju-Samyuktha i guess media had lot of bets on Prithvi-Samvrutha in which they evidently crashlanded. Some dislike him for the manner in which he speaks about Mammooty & Mohanlal. A few emotionally blind fans demand more respect for their superstar icons. In many interviews time and time again he has stated both of them to be old and unfit to do a youngsters role, which is entirely true. Well malayalee junta doesnt care about the fact\truth behind it. All they want prithvi is to dance to their tunes sing songs and praise about the 2 M's no matter what (c'mon somebody needs a lesson on freedom of speech).

A clap is heard when there are two hands, so to point out Prithvi's problem. He wears his heart on sleeve and acts as if he is an untethered soul. He publicly behaves as if nothing bothers him but contradictingly goes and defends his stance on every word he speaks or his every other action. The first step to a peaceful celebrity status is to show utter disregard to what others say or write about you. Prithvi fails big time here, he goes on and on defending his motives and inner voice but alas he knows that the very media is minting money out of him. The hero he is trying to portray is sold as a clown to the public by our own media.

Many in our age group have only heard about the 'golden period' in Malayalam movies even though we just had to watch those old classic movies later on tv. A new revolution is happening in our industry and Prithvi plays a big part there. By pelting stones we are curbing the enthusiasm and interest around him. All this is because i dont want to be in a generation where there is a big hiatus after the 2 big M's of our industry. There are others to challenge the top position but we all know in back of our minds that Prithvi is miles ahead when compared to them.

Quit belittling him fellow mallus...let the show continue. Picture Abhi bhi Baaki hai!!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ucha Kirukku (ഉച്ച കിറുക്ക്‌)

Madhavan Nair is relaxing in his 'chaarukasera' at his ancestral house in palakkad. The scorching heat outside is sending out a wave of hot breeze into the verandah. It doesnt seem to bother him much as he seems to enjoy the beetel nuts in his mouth and gazing at the towering mango tree in his frontyard. Back of his mind he was thinking about this tree that has witnessed all the events in his family. Starting from his father & mother's death, his marriage, little suman and arya playing in mud, onam vacations every year. He remembers it all like yesterday and cant believe its been 10 years since he is retired now. Weaker bones that make funny crackling noise every now and then. And he is no mood complaining about the past. God has blessed him with a wonderful and understanding wife Sunanda or Sunu as he calls her, his kids have grown up healthy and successful. For each instances he had thanked god for this wonderful gift called Life. Now things have changed a lot. Like his sisters are not a stones throw away these days. They decided to move in with their kids living in America or Australia. Some of his friends are far and some still try to keep in touch with him. Sadly Bharathan Maashu is at an old age home in Thrissur. On afternoon's like these he misses them , and those good old days when they play cards. Every other day he remembers losing the game and ending up hanging 'machinga' stuck with 'eerkillis' in his ears. A way to depict the loser as they always do.
Some times they had a joker card kept on his ears too. He is missing the call 'MadhuEtta' from his dear friends. And even sad that he is not in touch with Jayu, Wilson, Sasi or to say most of them will not be an understatement. Hope they are happy with whatever they are doing 'Guruvayoorappan Katholum' is all he can pray now. Sakhavu Divakaran's widow Ammu stays nearby and visits him and Sunu once a while. Most of the time she holds Sunu's hand and cries for a while and leaves. Party Martyr's wife and family have a 'RED' bus stand in their dear husband's name and thats the end of it. Saying about party he misses those evening discussions over beedi and chai from kuttan's shop. Divakaran's vociferous rival Councillor Raghu is an Alzheimers patient now and little by little is deteriorating him inside out. Meanwhile Kuttan's son Kanaran has returned from Dubai and constructed a mall where the old tea shop stood. Kanaran calls himself a 'real estate broker' these days. Some times its ironic how life has changed around the small village.

Meanwhile Sunu can see her husband sitting and smiling all alone lost in his thoughts. She prefers not to disturb him and prefers to continue with her daily afternoon knitting. In between she checks the calendar and calculates with her fingers. Another 38 days for Suman & his wife Sheetal to visit them. And another 16 more days for Arya, her husband Unni & little Anakha to come.The very thought about all of them coming has made her excited. As she starts thinking about all the dishes she has to prepare. 'Maanga Pachadi' is Arya's favourite and Suman like his father will eat anything. She needs to inform Ammu's Son Sunil early enough to get the mangoes plucked from the tree. Poor boy had to stop his studies after his fathers death and has been doing mediocre jobs in the locality to make ends meet. Thank god Sunil too is not foolishingly following his fathers steps. Sometimes she feels sad for Sunil and whether to call him for such silly jobs, and him being ammu's son never takes a paisa from herself or Madhuettan. But what to do there is no one else available near by to pluck a mango or coconut. Its late afternoon now and its 'madhuettans tea time' after a small nap. She peeps and takes a look at her husband still awake and stationary. For a moment her mind started to read the wrong lines and she hurries to her husband. Noises made by her footsteps seems not to bother him and this worries her more and more. She kept her cold palm on his forehead and suddenly he looks at her in slight anguish.

'aa sukham kalanjallo Sunu!!' obvisouly he was a bit offset with Sunu as she corrupted his reminiscent mood. With slight relief she took her hand and said
'chaaya veno madhuetta? Samayam 3:30 aayi'. In disbelief he checks the old pendulum clock in the wall and tells her all time he was thinking about this Mango Tree.
'Eee maavu nammude koode thanne aayittu ippo ethra aayi?' She amusingly looks at her husband and couldn't relate what he is upto Entha????. He continued
'Palarum nammude jeevithathil varunnu pokunnu, ivan ippolum eppolum nammude koode' 'Ivanu ente pengammare pole swatho swarnamo venda, ninte aangalaye pole idakke idakke kaashu venda. Ninakku thonnunnille?'

Years back the same simple and humble minded guy had won her heart. And for no reason she shook her head and said
'athum sheri aanu njan ithu vare angane orthittilla'
Encouraged by his wife's response he continues
'Suman, Arya avarude kudumbam kollathil orikkal ivide varumbo namukku enthoru santhosham aanu' 'Allenkil Nammalodu pinangi poyavaraum, nammale vittu doore poyavarum avare kurichu orthu vishamikkane namukku neramullu'
'Ivan ennum nammude koode irunnum, nammude aduthundaayittum nammal shradhikkaare illa'
Now she started to get little confused
'Athinu?? ithu oru maram alle?' Holding her hand he continued
'Nammude aduthum nammude koode ullavareyum nammal orrkkaare illa, manushyan ennum nashtapettathu orthu maathrame chinthikkarullu. Muttathe mullakku manamilla ennokke parayille?? Athu polokke thanne..ivide oru maavu aanenne ullu' Till now she couldn't make any meaning out of it, more than that she didnt want to decode her husbands mystifying psychologies. She nodded her head sarcastically and said
'Uvvu Uvvu!! Ithu Ucha Kirukku thanne, njan poi chaaya idaam. Ningalkku vere joli illa Madhuetta!!'.
As Sunu walked towards kitchen, Madhavan Nair stood up stretched his back and walked towards the tree. Some kinda strange feeling is going through his head right now a feeling he felt when he went for 'pennukaanal' of Sunu. Like he was tensed to say something or was too aware of the surroundings, ahh he doesnt know. More than anything he felt safe and loving after a very long time, he didnt feel lonely anymore and it was like Suman is standing next to him or as little Anakha gave him a big tight hug and says 'love you Achachaa'. He caressed the tree with his hand as if it is a little elephant and almost hugged the giant. Meanwhile he could hear Sunu saying aloud 'Madhuetta chaaya ready'. He turns back and slowly makes a walk inside his house and back to the sane synchronous world.
NOTE : Most of the speeches in this story is in Malayalam written in English, my bad malayalam literature couldnt keep up with the writing in English. And a mix of Malayalam and English hybrid version doesnt sound cool either. So i have kept it plain and simple in English. Anyone feels they can write this whole story in Malayalam 'Please be my Guest'.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

La Tomatina, hypocrisy at its best

A facebook status of my friend read something like this 'Ban La Tomatina'. And the reason to ban he backs is those millions of malnourished children in India who cant make their ends meet. Well thats a good dimension to look into world matters. In a country like ours its a crime to waste food, and to waste food in such magnitude. But then half the facebook crowd is from IT industry in India. They must have seen or very well aware of the humongous amount of food that is being wasted in our cafeterias. The bangalore office where I worked had a chart maintained by the respective department depicting the amount of food that is being wasted on a daily basis. Some numbers in it could break Sachin Tendulkar's batting records. If banning 'La Tomatina' is a starter, well we should get into the main course as well. Implement ideas or plans to cut down the wastage of food or to make use of this food in any better way.

Then if we are so concerned about the malnourished kids in the society, did the unused tomatoes from 'La Tomatino' ever reach those kids. 'Who the fuck cares??' isn't it? Once in a blue moon a person(me, you & many others) visits an Anathaashram or opens his wallet for a 'charity' sort of event. And thats it!!! Our inidividual need for social service and thirst for 'giving back to the society' ends there. If any one of these fb'ian thinks he\she has achieved a feat by banning such festivals. Well then 'I am stunned' to say the least. Thats the best example of our hypocrytic best, the moment a hazy picture of malnourishment, poverty and many such cliched statements occur in media or a social network. We pour our emotions and opinions but when action is called for its still firing blanks.

Food wastage of any magnitude is a crime and we can make a difference starting with us. From tomorrow you make a resolution to cook what is necessary, order what is necessary and eat whatever is on your plate. A big percentage of our problems like food shortage and inflating prices of food can be eradicated. Dont you think?? I am no saint or harbinger to lead you the right path but if there is ever a question of personal satisfaction then well my writeup can add some fuel to it. Each of you are brilliant enough to find a way out of this misery. So Go figure and kill the food wastage however you can!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Springtime for Malayalam Industry

My friend once told me you Mallu guys make movies which no one understands. One dark evening you place your camera in front of the sea and call it an Art movie. Yes thats what many in India think about our movies. All dark and stuck in a time machine sort of. These days I happen to see quite a change in malayalam movies. Youngsters have started to pitch in and pitch in for real. These are the days when our so called Superstars are lost and groping in darkness. Mammootty prefers to be a mimicry star trying his luck on all the local slangs spoken in kerala. Where as Mohanlal prefers to essay the role given to him without any thought or effort on script and his million fans. Then there are a few late bloomers and occassional hits from other noticeable actors but most of them based on some situational comedies or sarcastic and dry lookups. Audiences preferred Tamil or a dubbed telugu movie atleast for the sake of spending time in a theatre once a while.

But seems like things have changed and i hope I wont jinx it in any way. A few movies like 'Urumi,'Salt N Pepper', 'Chaappa Kurissu', 'City of God', 'Traffic', 'Cocktail' have been a revelation to say the least. Its not only the new themes that have started to appear, but the quality of picturization and narration have improved simultaneously. Gone are the days when an actor narrates a paragraphic dialogue to the villain or side-heroes just to dance in the movie (as the hero prefers to sit and watch them). Though there is a budgeting restraint to our movies, the multiplexes, channels and malls have opened a plethora of funding attraction to the producers. Its really a spring time and may this blossom to bring out more such movies to us fans. If you haven't watched the above movies i have mentioned, make sure you add them to your bucket list. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Celebrating already??

I would not celebrate today. Its not Anna's personal victory and neither its yours. Its still not a common man's vicotry YET. Setting up Lokayuktas and passing a Lokpal bill are the steps taken and resolutions to follow. And as critics say its neither the dark day in Indian Democracy. We are at a brink now, this bill could be passed as all it promised and could serve the people. Or else with a simple 'loophole' could be made worse by allowing corrupt politicians to head the commitees.

But we cannot hasten the process, everyone knows a parliamentary proceeding could take its time. But it should not be delayed that we get used to it. Lets say the Lokpal bill is passed and all the corrupt politicians start getting exposed 'literally'. Then what?? I hope people dont think lokpal bill is about bringing those black money invested in tax haven nation back to our country, It is not about sending all the corrupt ministers and officials to jails. Lokpal bill is not only that. It should be also about what the common man does next?

Next time a government official asks for money under the desk, be brave and show him the middle finger. Next time please dont underquote your land and pay the money in Black money. For years we have been doing that and now its haunting us in a bad manner as the Ghosts of of Inflation. These are just examples, corruption is still amass amongst us. It starts from the mini to macro levels in our government machinery. Be brave to handle these scums and it would happen down the lane. Its not easy as it sounds but if we can come upto this we surely can beat the odds.

Jai Hind!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Anna'tural ways in Democracy

Hunger strikes have been happening in our country for long long time. I have seen it in palakkad municipality office to begin with. So why is Anna hazare's fast become a picture of center storm altogether? Blame it on the media, they have hijacked the event for their TRP. If Lokpal passes or not. Anna is successful or not. Media got its big share with 24*7 Anna show. Forget the media lets come to the need of the society.

Right now the 1949 Ambedkar proposed constitution is simple. You elect a candidate, he goes to the assembly or parliament and works for the benefit of his people and country. He will be assisted by government bodies which will have the cream of indian populii constituting the IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS etc etc. Ambedkar was no Nostradamus to foresee that these elected ministers will taint their souls and get corrupted to the core. Constitution has no pages written for handling the hideous earnings of a public official. And worst case here being it gives no power to us (forgot the common man from where it all began). People opposing lokpal bill say ' you should not have voted for them if you think they are corrupt'. We bring down UPA, the NDA comes to power with a different flavor of corruption. So what do we do wait for another 5 years???

Democracy is more of a 'fashion statement' in my country than its used in real life. Why do we need a democracy, when elected representative change their stand on Nuclear bill for bundles of notes? Why does the tata's, ambani's, jindal's, reddy's and others always get the major share of business opportunities. Why is that Karunanidhi, Yedurappa, Kumarasaamy, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Amar singh and others keep getting richer and richer every year. Why does that a case put in judiciary take more than 4-5 years to see light and that too after several commissions and benches. By the way one point of action in Lokpal bill is its response time. Every grievance is mapped with a response time. PV Narasimhamurthy our multilingual PM was left unscathed after all the allegations and proofs against him. And there are many more against whom CBI has all the necessary proof but no course of action is possible with an age old constitution. Why??

Arudhati Roy comes up with an article to express her views in a bold manner. With tongue a cheek allegations on origin and timing of IAC. It is as equivalent to ME saying the maoist are nothing but a armed group of terrorists in India dictated by China. Anyone can allege, accuse and try ridcule the sanctity in other's cause. mz.Roy would have been happier to take the baton from a poor battered villager or tribesmen fighting for their lives than the metro 'well off' crowd in picture. Isn't that a shade of superficial inferiority complex? A hunger strike is a last resort and a peaceful way of turning in the attention. Unfortunately the media has misused the movement and has lavishly showered it with lot of unnecessary screen time.

If you envision current democracy as a cricket match. The common man is the tired bowler bowling on a flat deck against a batsman who are our leaders. And mind you they are the umpire too here mending the laws to be abided in the game. You gotta give something to the common man to clinch upon and fight against the demons in society. Until then all our ministers will continue to be sinisters.

Anna hazare is just a harbinger in this struggle. Dont get deviated by the noises that distract you. No one can shove a law , ideology or philosophy into your head. Think before you leap but make sure you educate yourself about the current spate of the society and act.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Bajji to Burger Kahaani

I had spent a small amount of my childhood in Avadi, Tambaram etc places near to erstwhile Madras now Chennai. When my company allocated me to Chennai after my initial training it was more like 'I expected this' in back of my mind. 18-20 months of my bachelorhood in Chennai was simply amazing. Vrooming in bike and exploring all the bylanes and road one could find out. Chennai is a beutiful city filled with everhelping magnificient people. No city else where in the world one could find a bunch of people so helping as Chennai-Makkal. You stop around asking way or you get lost somewhere people help you out proactively and even suggest you the cheaper modes of transports. And if you can speak a bit of Tamil you are their long lost son/brother.

Last 2 days me and my wife visited Chennai. A visit after a few years has been a revelation to say the least. The city has quietly transformed into a Monster. I loved the way roads, pavements, saalais have transformed into. Most of the small tea-kadai's have turned into restaurants. "Bajji eating Thamizhmakan has turned into a burger munching Tamil 'YO' Dude". Its literally like that with malls and Plaza's blooming in every nook and corner of the city. Traffic has increased and its filled with pricey imported cars and bikes. I couldn't find a TVS-50 or a luna as they call which once was a trademark of Chennai traffic. Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi on most of the walls bearing brunt of the recent elections otherwise city has uplifted into a new look altogether. The quarter cutting shop is still near Central Railway Station with plastic glasses stacked as always, thank god liquor is still available aplenty and cheap for common man. Otherwise price of everything has shot up. Anjappar, Adyar Ananda Bhavan and Saravana Bhavan have a global image altogether and prices are as good as they are quoted in dollars and pounds.

On one hand am delighted to see how the face of the city has changed. But then if a middle class aam aadmi will struggle to cope with this inflated style of living. Its a tale true to most of the cities in India where in big corporates have eaten up the soul of a city. Aah for one small moment i love the politicians in my state for not bringing those good roads, uncontrolled development and the so called 'multi nationals'.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lokpal Bill and a nexus to demolish it :: A picture of Indian Democracy

A beaming television in our office cafeteria is filled with Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. The so called peaceful gandhian way of agitation is broken up the government using brutal police force. TV Channels are making a merry out of it and are feeding news about Anna's life, Baba's beard and Yogasanas and the thousands gathered in the meeting. But rarely an explanation about what Lokpal Bill is all about. And why no one wants to give a clearer explanation of what Government's take on it is all about.

Kapil Sibbal the minister in charge here himself is a noted Supreme Court lawyer so why is it that Government is numb to react when a change is asked for? Public like me is dumb and astounded the way scams are being exposed as a daily routine. And if we have to believe the media a substantial amount (equalling our GDP) are stashed in Swiss accounts. One of the points under discussion is to bring that money to our country and invest it in our country' development. There is no question of hard earned money, because no fool will invest his hard earned money in a Swiss locker with no ROI. Its more like a lucid source and earning they are scared of.

Another roadblock to the Lokpal Bill is the members who need to be included in LokPal committee. Should the PM be in or should the Bhushan family be in?? Lot of debates and dialogues but not a single pawn has moved in this game of chess. I detest this democracy and judicial system which takes a lightyear to pass such a bill against the 'Rich and the Powerful' but act in nano seconds when it is to acquire poor man's land for fancier airports, wider roads and for toher x,y and z plans. Black money in Swiss Bank is not in their priority compared to the Black labouring citizen houseless and nomadic on road.

There are sections calling the movement by Anna Hazare and Co 'undemocratic'. But they are mum about disclosing black money of Sharad Pawar, Amar Singh, Karunanidhi families. A revolution is on the brink and I will be more than ready if i could be a part of it in any means. The motive of Anna Hazare and his men is novel, right and justified. We as citizens just have to follow his lead because success or failure it will take us somewhere above where we are now, that is for sure.

Bolo Anna Hazare ki Jaii...Vande Mataram!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We are living in Amrikaaaa

Rammstein quoted it right "We are living in Amerikaa" we truly are. After returning from US i feel we are getting more americanized here (and the real America to something else) and I am not here to judge if its for the good or for bad. McD, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway all have found their way till here in Bengaluru. Young boys dressed like they dress up in 'da hood' with inverted baseball caps and sick Tees. And girls with undies bared and sitting behind those vrooming motor bikes. The malls give us a feel as if the whole indian feel is YUCK and not ready for sale. All we get in shops are the 'YO!' factor with skyrocketed movie tickets and damn costly dresses and accessories. Well yesteryear bangalore was always punked up so no qualms about this renovation. Is that all it?? Well not at all people have started to live their life in full zest. 30 years back my parents and their peer would be crunching their calculators to save their earnings to a better life and an even better future for the next generation. But many in our lives are living it up to the max. Occasional drinking has taken over by boozing with Bacardi's, Jack daniel's and Glenfiddich's gracing the occasion. Smiling Madhuri's and Sreedevi's have been replaced with skinny and size zeroed women like things.

And the biggest americanization was to be in the housing industry. Earlier a home for an Indian family was their biggest dreams with all the saving accrued up they own a home of their dreams and live happily ever after (hmmm kinda). Well we indian are at present buying these houses (not homes) out of our pockets and out of our reach. The policy is simple take a big loan to buy that matchbox house where we suffocate all our happiness to struggle all our life to pay the loan. The only winner here is the big fatso builder zooming in those imported cars. And YES the bank too which lent you the money initially. We are living i feel in a big bubble which could explode any minute. Am no Statistician or a Stock analyst but i guess the bubble i mean here is the inconsistent growth accrued say in last 10 years or so. Everyone in my friend circle has a housing loan, a car loan , 2-3 credit cards and most of us are still haven't reached our 30's. An average american owns up a house around mid 40's given the fact they prefer to marry late. We the billion populated country marry early, reproduce early and hence gotta own a house early. Shouldn't we??

Am crestfallen the way my country is being gobled up by this giant thought called Amerikanism. They say Americans invaded iraq, fought war against germans, broke russia, interferred in vietnam but i would say they have successfully annexed India. It might be good for the people with all the glamour it brings but.........
..........well am confused its for you to decide..stay with your core or stay afloat in these bubbles.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Train Rides...

Britishers marauded our India for long long time but one thing I personally am grateful for them is the Indian Railway . Am always child like and fully enthusiastic in a train trip. The best memories of a train trip is the early morning arrival at palakkad with slight rain in background and that seducing mystic smell of soil mixed with the 'tadak-tadak' noise of train track. It has been always in my nature to head up to a stranger and start up a friendly conversation . The sound of " chaai chaai kappi kaappi " ringing in my ears like a church bell. Little kids passing a cute smile for no such reason at all, Ohh sometimes they do give a loud cry to wake me up from my divine slumber. There is a specific joy in those second class compartments (must be the Britishers who coined this term) but second class is the one where you are far away from luxury like those in AC compartments. Travellers in second class I feel are more adjusting and friendly than those novel clad laptop laden honchos in AC. The hygiene part is still debatable when you travel via train given the conditions of toilets and the railway stations but conditions have far improved from per say 10 years ago. The other interesting facet in a train journey is to listen to the common man. The hardships, politics, sports, movies one can get to the core common mans understanding in a native literature. In my opinion every minister or social reformist must himself or via proxy persona should make a travel across india in trains and that too in second class. Easier said than done but the data one can collect from these uncles are enormous , They seem to know about everything.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why Kerala should vote for BJP in 2011 polls?

Before being a prejudistic prick and taking fascist potshots on BJP our voters need to take a step back and think on the possibilities.
I will start discussing on BJP's potential let me begin with some pointers on the LDF and UDF.

Each of us know the progress our state has made in the 50+ years of keralas formation and the impending power struggles. Anti Incumbency or not both LDF and UDF have screwed us royally. Look around our state and we still are like the stuck up ambassador on road where as TN is on an Audi and Karnataka on a Mercedes.
{FUCK YOU!! if you just thought am happy with ambassador. Because people like you amongst us we never dream of advancing. Others I AM SORRY!! on my behaviour and will assure you it MIGHT happen again}

Rubberised roads???
You must be kidding these roads are bumpy all the way from Kasargode to Trivandrum. The roads in our states are horrible with potholes, gutters etc are making way to canals.
Employment opportunities???
Well i work in Bangalore now, before that I was in Chennai. To tell you the best example the most avid Communist Supporting "Sakhavu'(s)* as we call him have made their base out of Kerala. We are a bunch of people who want to do something for our state. But on behest of what?? to get lesser pay and messing up our families? Nope! for a decent salary and opportunity our state is way behind. There could be a one in a million success story but its a known fact that our state is an investors nightmare. Whether its LDF or UDF both take turns in starting bandh or rallies and immediate shut down of companies basically for no reason at all.
Well there are the best brains in the industry from this state but for higher education we still go to neighbouring states, There is an IIM in kozhikkode i know but its rating is going down the year. There is no research based education to speak of. An IIT in kerala would be the best foot forward but will it happen? State blames on Centre and Centre blames on everyone else. Offlate Centre has started blaming the US (from wikileaks).
You must be wondering how this topic is related to Kerala our state. Though we hear a few bandhs or harthaals or laathi charges. We think we are in a peaceful little world of ours with birds chirping and breeze through our coconut groves. CBI reports have earmarked our state as a possible terrorist cauldron. The recent bomb blast at Naddhapuram 'bomb factory' is a prime example. Our state is a terrorist heaven given the unsolicited freedom with which these law breakers wander under PDP, Muslim League & other parties. And these parties are protected by both the sides fearing the minority votes. Minority?? i dont understand that word. especially in kerala with the way there is a population explosion among muslims and the sheer number they have in Kerala. Well thats a whole new topic so lets not waste time on it. Having said this I dont wanna rub salt on those good samaritian Muslim brothers/sister who still are dear to me. Muslim terrorism along with black money is growing exponentially in Kerala and we need to put a check on to that irrespective of who comes to power. A'int it evident anymore??

Now to take a look at what LDF and UDF present to us this year.

LDF - Anti-Incumbency is a serpent on Achu-Maamans head to add that he has no support from his backstabbing comrades. Its more like his struggle against his party first and then the struggle to woo our state. Pinaraayi, Kodiyeri (his son & co) and a few others countinue to loot us and still able to keep the base communists closer to them. What do they speak of in an election campaign?? EMS Namboodirpad's struggle, Cheguera, little bit of Marxism and loads and loads of bullshit. Its simply EMS's legacy that they thrive on. There is no development promises still to make. There are a few young guns who are mystified under the Red Flag but they too get shell shocked after a few years and follow their predecessors path. The only thing systematic about LDF is how they channelise their energy to
grow their party fund. They move funds from State budget to party fund to start News Channels, Entertainment Channels, Water Theme Park(What the F***?). And all this is known to the whole public. DAMNN these guys are not gonna change until we wake them up from the slumbers of EMS!!!

UDF - 'United' in UDF is a sarcastic daily joke on Kerala voters. Whether in opposition or in power this party or group of parties are never united. They publicly mock each other, jump wagons at will, complain to high command (are you serious??) and silently fear muslim voters (even if kunjalikutty orders Icecream for dessert). Oommen Chandy's leadership skills are questionable as he still lacks the iron clad grip over a situation. The karunakaran fiasco has tired the UDF but their only hope being Anti Incumbency-jee and Soniya-jee and Rahul-jee. The other fact they are trying to sell is that Congress led UPA is at power in centre and this makes working with them easier. BOOOHOO!! that is a sure shot backfire methodology if UDF approaches it as we know the current UPA is more of a dealmaker,moneychurner or should i say Scamster than a government.

Underline : If LDF is anti development UDF sure is pro-development, but the catch being an UDF development means development of their ministers & cadres but not FOR the people or infrastructure.

So Why BJP??

My simple question to you is Why NOT BJP??
(please reply me in comments section)
Have we given them a chance ever??
O.Rajagopal though foolishly clings on to his TVM seat has brought many achievements during his short stint as a Deputy to Railway Minister. The kerala leaders in BJP are still young and will bring some fresh energy to the government. One cannot just ignore this party to be hinduistic or fascistic without understanding the facts. In such a case one should not encourage parties like Muslim League into picture. Why there are 2 different measures in the same deal? I for one am bored of UDF & LDF and their lies over lies to make MY state better or the best. We must give both of them a wakeup call as we now have the possibility of a thrid option.Am not sure of anything whether BJP can bring development or not, whether they will change the face of our state but one thing am dead sure is that they will keep the terrorsitic troubles in check. Who knows kerala might unearth a Narendra Modi* amongst ourselves.

If you have read until here, let me tell you one more point of wisdom.
Sitting in an office chair in a distant city you might wonder 'what do I care? anyway I cant vote from here' Well think about the ones in your family who are gonna make the same crime this year again of bringing either LDF/UDF to power and you walk in to Gods own country one day with nothing changed, nothing at all.

*'Sakhavu' is the pet name of any person who lives on principles & ideologies of Communism
I used (s) here coz there are many...very many infact they can start an LC here in Bengaluru. LOL!!
**Mr.Modi by far is the best chief minister we have in our country right now with the way he has handled State of Gujarat.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

F1 anyone??

Bernie Ecclestone is the grand daddy of F1 Motorsporting. F1 is a car racing championship that spans across the globe at various speed tracks and almost for an entire year. A game which made a shoe-maker (pardon my spelling) from Germany a world renowned driver cum icon. In a few recent years with some active publicity the sport has picked up its speed and a fan base still growing by the minute. Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW most of the major automobile companies play a major role by fielding their almost jet speed 'coveted' cars or should i say car species? There are a few racing companies too who join hands with these automobile honchos to make it much more technically advanced and more competitive. Enuf said agout F1, guess y'all got the idea now.

I have never really understood the logic behind this sport. Around 30+ cars go round and round (each called as a LAP). At the end of some 80 such LAPs there comes an eventual winner. Though the fun being of the 30 odd cars in the beginning hardly a few make it till the end. Some collide with the other one, Some park or crashland themselves in those big tyre stacks. And then some just explode for very strange pseudo-technical reason. Where as some tumble up and do a complete 180 flip in the air (god save the driver). The team managers are glued to their headset and tv set analysing the data to make crucial decisions like 'dont let him overtake', 'driver 2 block the opponent by reducing your speed and let driver 1 win', 'time for a refill', 'change tyres- NOW!!!'. C'mon in the end all the decisions are either crooked or based on common sense. But bohooo the hype and pressure is of such magnitude that the commentators make us believe its a life changing decision.

When the whole world is running around to find new fuel source. And there are countries invading others for this sacred & exhausting natural resource. But BAH!! there are a few automobile junkies who are hell bent on using it all up. If we start discussing on pollution aspect of this sport it might take us to a whole new perspective. Now Mr.Ecclestone needs artificial rain to be introduced, where in drivers will have no idea when its gonna rain. So apart from water pollution we are also talking about exhausting water which might be life saver in many parts of africa.
Sports is necessary to understand the real talent amongst us or for them to stand out in the crowd. Am all appreciative of that. But a sport like F1 doesnt make any sense to me and i find it a complete disrespect to our natural resources.

Having said all this there is one good thing i like in F1, its the way the winners celebrate by pouting champagne at each other.
WOWW now thats a sight!!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Need stories?? We have it :)

They call my country a Land of snake charmers and vodoo magic. Many a adjectives and ideologies about this beautiful country. I have always loved my country for a multitude of reasons and still finding new reasons to stay in love with it. Offlate I have been intrigued by a new facet of my country. Infact its more to do with the people in my country. People here are big time story tellers and more over each one is interested in listening to your side of a tale. Yes!! haven't you noticed?? From the panwaalahs to traffic cop to your milkman to your cable guy everyone has an excuse and a story to wrap around it. A sweet truffle like excuse wrapped carefully inside a decorative story like cover. And mind you, make sure there is an emotional side to it. For this alone people here will love you. Certain stories people share with us or feel free to share for no reason at all. Last month i met an elderly uncle in a train travel. He started telling me about his life as a youngster and how he prefers the current crop of youth to be but the real actuality. He even invited me and my wife Deepthi for a cup of tea some time. And definitely this was no boasting he knew the best way to kill time in a boring train travel is to share his stories. Such true affection and closeness could be experienced in this beautiful country alone. And then there was an instance with our
apartment security who gave me a proud lesson about his young son back in his hometown. I have seen this person twice or thrice in my life.
Our basic interaction a day begins with "had food?" and sometimes a "salaam or namasthe". One day on his excuberant mood he walked upto me to share a lighter moment. But then he went on to speak about his family back home and his take on life as such. Beautiful aint it? People in every walks of life here have such beautiful moments to share. For instance if you talk to my dad for 5 minutes he will let you know he was in Indian Airforce for 27 years, i think he would have done the same thing if he was to be a Newspaper Boy or a Doctor for 27 years. We are a big story telling community. No wonder why our gods have an illustrous story behind them.
Joshua got crucified in 3 days but our 33 thousand gods have 300 different tales to speak of. Now go figure why we like to tell stories :)

Friday, February 18, 2011


New Year and i have not found time to blog. Though i prefer to stay busy, life after marriage has been seriously busy. Jan 9th, 2011 me and Deepthi have decided to live our rest of lives together. According to our rituals I bring my wife to my home and after a day or two take her back to her hometown. Though the whole event has been toned down a few notch. It was just me and Dhee (as i am trying to call her with love) to her home town Kannur. Geographically North to my home town Palakkad in Kerala. The train left from the station at around 4:30 AM and we reached around 9 AM. My Bro-in-Law Arun was there to receive us at the Railway station. Remarkably i noticed the shy wife of mine coming out of her skin and blabbering x and y to her brother. i am sure she was tensed so far at my house now she is more like a relaxed birdie at a formidable place.

Kannur for me is a big question mark? My prior knowledge about this place is the Red Flagged Communist dominant area and a big urban populated town with poor roads. So with these prejudices i browse the place as Arun was driving his car at full speed. Poor roads?? yes absolutely, roads could have been better and traffic well managed. Though its same everywhere across Kerala almost, Kannur falls way back in case of roads. And traffic discipline is worse as there are no Traffic lights anywhere. But the drive is very scenic. Beautiful with trees all around and its much cooler than compared to Palakkad.

Food?? Yummy for a non-veg foodie. I can't just sit and jot down the varieties of food i have gulped down. And all have won me over. There is also an extra leisure and informality in the way people interact here. A more chillaxed way with no strings attached. I guess thats what i liked here the most, people make you feel comfortable from the word go. Although there is lot more to explore but 3 days is all i got to send time here. Awaiting on another round to get into the skin of things..until then and always Palakkad Rocks (line intended to my wifey alone). :)